Over the last year more expensive petrol fifth time

The official explanation states that madeabout this in connection with "the increase of customs duties, rising oil prices and in order to ensure the attractiveness of the domestic market in Belarus." Night surprises "Belneftekhim"Prices usually increase NIGHT MODE. As said at the station "Belorusneft", prices for some grades of fuel rose from 70 to 110 rubles per liter:"A-95 at the moment we have is 2310 rubles, AI-92 — 2020 rubles, 80 minutes — 1600 rubles, diesel fuel — 1610 rubles."Reporter: "In other words, Belarus is fast approaching to Europe?""So it’s everywhere so. Concern raises prices, and we only obey. Neither

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Duty free import of 35 kg + 2 liters of alcohol

He changes the order of import by individuals of certain product categories and tf.Thus, the rate of duty free import of goods for personal use has decreased from 50 to 35 kg. Apart from these 35 kg individual now has the right to import free of duty up to 2-liter. alcoholic beverages (alcoholic drink is considered, if the mass fraction etylevaga alcohol in it is 7% or more). Previously, the norm was one liter.The decree also imposes restrictions on the import of vehicles for individuals who are not owners of TC and do not register this type of business. Importations

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Thinking of healthy veins in anticipation of the baby

Pregnancy — is probably one of the finest periods in the life of a woman and her child. Especially if the expectant mother takes care of the health of their veins: to swelling and constipation characteristic of the last trimester, is not provoked serious diseases such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The reason that a woman's body in the second half of pregnancy there is fluid retention, visible to the naked eye — a big belly. Expectant mother is experiencing constant elevated load.

Normally, the first 9 months of a woman should gain about 10 kg. Among them,

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We Lukashenko in Armenia — 800 liters of cognac alcohol

Society During a recent trip to Armenia Alexander Lukashenko not only visited the summit of the Collective Security Treaty and visit an old friend, former President Robert Kocharyan, but joins the strategic reserves of aged brandy spirit — to the old, more than 350 liters of the personal to the Yerevan Brandy Factory added another 400 liters Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory. All of this has been received as a gift.

During his stay in Yerevan Alexander Lukashenko bestowed on Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory "Noah." In honor of the distinguished guest was laid a 400-liter drum, which Lukashenko asked to make his youngest son Nicholas.

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Every hundredth student drinks

Society Six months in Belarus ban on drinking beer in public places. Outside, people really began to drink less, but this was not reflected in the overall grim statistic. Belarusians are now on average drink more than 12 liters of pure alcohol, despite the fact that according to international experts, the degradation of the nation begins after a volume of 8 liters per capita.

Of a threatening situation with an increase in alcohol consumption doctors, police alarm sounding for a long time. The figures that led the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs prevention Roman Melnyk, impressive. In 2005,

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Vodka price will rise by 8.4 percent

Society According to the decree of the Ministry of Economy, after the increase in the selling prices of the retail price of vodka will be 9.4 thousands of rubles per 0.5 liters.At the same time, limit the minimum selling price for imported alcoholic beverages sold in the territory of Belarus, will remain the same — 13.65 thousands of rubles 0.5 per liter (excluding VAT), provides learned.

Meanwhile It became known that the Belarusian the government has prepared a draft resolution, which provides a significant increase in excise duties on beer and cigarettes. As theand resource Naviny.by in government, the excise

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June 7 — the new prices at the gas station

Society With zero hours on June 7 increased product prices "Belneftekhim". The corresponding order of concern in the evening on June 6 were the operators of filling stations.

Price diesel increases of 30.8% and a liter will cost 5100rubles; 28.6% more expensive gasoline A80, its price will be 4950 rubles per liter, a 29.1% increase in the price of gasoline A92, which will cost 5100 rubles per liter, and gasoline A95 increases of 33.3% and becomes 5800 rubles per liter.

This is the fourth increase in the price of petroleum products in the course of this year and the

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