Cowboys on the boards

We continue to acquaint readers with the participants of the Internet project «Young talents of this great sport.» In this room are representatives of the Metropolitan School wakeboarding Victoria Sosulina and Roman Ovodov. «Big Sport» went to wake Park «In The Club» and captured the best moments of the training team members in Moscow.

Roman Ovodov — of himself as an example to follow

About wakeboard as a way of life

Wakeboard called just entertainment, carousel. For the majority of the board is like a ride on an inflatable banana Turkish or flight with a parachute over the picturesque

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Magic money

Many researchers believe that all of the money, without exception, are equipped with magical characters that are capable of a variety of ways to influence people. Ph.D. in history assured that the coins are always portrayed magical signs, and with the advent of paper money that tradition is not lost. For example, a banknote one dollar bore the image of Masonic symbols.

At the very dawn of civilization, played the role of money-shells, skins of fur-bearing animals, livestock, as well as chopped pieces of gold and silver. But in the

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Toto Cutugno watch online

He has written hundreds of songs, many of which were given to the first line of the charts. They sang Adriano Celentano, Joe Dassin, Dalida, Mireille Mathieu, Ray Charles, Ringo Starr … he sings himself — and remains favorite ladies, even in his 70s. Yes you will not believe: July 7, Toto Cutugno — 70! The movie tells about the history of cooperation Toto Cutugno and Joe Dassin, Ray Charles and many other international pop stars. Spectators enjoy the atmosphere of the famous festival in San Remo, where the musician for the first time presented his own most important

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Eid al-Adha. For some — prazdnichek, for others — an occasion to declare itself

The Moscow authorities have stated that in the celebration of the Muslim Eid al-Adha prazdnichka in the capital took part around 170 thousand faithful. The Council of Muftis said that the celebrants were recorded around 190 thousand. The largest number of believers gathered around the main (cathedral) of the capital of the mosque. According to various sources at once prayed here from 85 years to 100 thousand members of the Muslim religion.

Prazdnichek, marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, was celebrated in other towns of Russia. In the North Caucasus thousands of believers come to the

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Faces of Death / Traces of Death watch online

This sensational documentary movie appeals to such a mysterious, frightening for many taboo phenomenon of death. The audience is accustomed to death played out in the movie, it is proposed documentary, ad nauseam naturalistic material where death is one hundred percent real, and the blood does not paint. War, disaster, ritual murders, executions, cannibalism, death from the teeth of predators … — Different faces of death are replaced friend naizloveschey other out in this picture.

Individuals with a narrow spiritual psyche, pregnant women and children is not recommended to look at. Illegal movie to be shown in

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The realities of life of military families

For many military families, there is one big problem of who bears the title as the room moving. It so happens that a young officer, which just managed to acquire a family is sent to the service for thousands of kilometers from the place where family only had time to grow roots. For many of the soldiers for the service always have to move from place to place to ten or twelve times. The number of crossings is depending on the service in the army or in any other way, what kind of qualifications managed to get a military spec

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Andrey Adamovich. Lily. 12/20/2010

Society Yesterday, when we left the square, we sat at the other. He gave me a picture that night, in one of the residential areas acquired the girl, who looked avtystki. She asked for his watercolor Insitnoe hundred rubles, but he gave a thousand.

The illustration on a red background — yellow lilies, vigorously outlined with blue pen. On the reverse side of the paper — a poem about them, such as energetic as a picture, but the same naive — as if the artist did not know what the words are and how they must be in text. His

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We have taken away the right to choose, to control their own country

Society Man: "Some newspapers write a lot about the fact that we have violated human rights. They write that we have the head of the country sits at the mercy of a lot of terms, and thereby the first thing he violates the rights of the people. Indeed, such authority takes away people's right to choose the right to control their country. constantly violated our democratic rights. Anyway, should add about the disappearances of famous politicians.'s impossible to hide and conceal. "

Woman: "I can not compare, since virtually never been anywhere abroad. But it seems to me that it's

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Pickets in Ivatsevichy: good advertising candidates

Society October 16 Ivatsevichy passed the first picket to collect signatures for nomination of candidates for the presidency of Vladimir and Gregory Kastusiou Neklyaeva.

The members of initiative groups are collecting signatures Ivatsevichy mostly walking "door to door". In a market where there are picket, the weekend is always a lot of people, though, not everyone has a passport, said a member of the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva Stanislav Kholodovich:

"Many people coming to the stand and say they would have signed, but did not have a passport. Best to collect signatures to walk in flats. But thanks

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