If Belarus to abolish death penalty?

Yesterday I was on the sentence gang Morozov. Sergei Morozov and Igor Danchenko, sentenced to death for murder, all carefully scrutinized. May be present wondered really deserve death these people, outside did not look monsters? Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty has not been abolished, or it is not a moratorium, as in Russia. More than 10 years ago Belarusians voted to retain the death penalty in a referendum. Changed since that time whether to do with this punishment? Think that the people on the streets of Minsk? "I am against, as we a democratic

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Overview of the foreign press: Massacre in Minsk

Company "When Nekljaev and about 100 of his supporters went to the main square to join the protests on them without warning attacked by men in black masks and black robes with no signs of difference. They threw stun grenades and started to attack people. Was beaten, in particular and the correspondent The New York Times, but no serious injuries had not. The police brought down the people on the ground and held for a few minutes, poking the face in the snow, and then suddenly gone, "- says the attack on neklyaevtsev today's edition of The New York Times.

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How I would like to live in one of Belarus, which is shown on BT

Company's main theme in the mail "Freedom" is still the campaign. Until the day of primary voting — just a month, but for the majority of Belarusians who get their information from the state media, the names of opponents of Alexander Lukashenko, their political and economic programs remain a mystery. State television and radio in these days filled mostly cheerful messages about the successes and achievements of the current government.

Our listener Igor Pasnova from Vitebsk, from a letter which will start today's conversation, outraged statements from officials about how the election campaign in the country takes place in a

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