Retchitsa: expulsion of opposition before Dazhynki

The last trip to the Sun in Orsha corrected to 10 days a member of the BPF, osmotrschikov cars Alexander Goncharenko.Also on September 17 sent two weeks in resuscitation Pietrykaŭ the hospital, BPF member Konstantin Kuznetsov."There is no doubt authorities the other day, "Dazhynki", which will be held September 21-22 in Rechitza, sanded area from opposition-minded urban residents, "- said Valery Putitsky managing Rechitsa the BPF.

The rise in price of Schengen visas — slap for Chernobyl

Gabittshaymu inhabitants from the early 90’s was invited to discover at improving young Belarusians usually pay all costs — from medical insurance to transport and content. On the German side, the introduction of larger EU consular fees may cause money problems the organizers, and eventually lead to a reduction in children of Chernobyl programs.Members of the charitable organization and function sharply criticized biometric visas against unhealthy babies. "And without that frail kids should go further in Minsk, hours-long queues to stand in front of the embassy, even spend the night in an unfamiliar town for them" — outraged the meeting

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The apartment was a member of the BPF search

First entered the apartment, three persons who identified themselves as police officers. After 5 more people came in civilian clothes. They said that they need to examine the apartment. As a result, they took office equipment, media disk imaging, also some books and brochures. Andrei and Vladimir Sarotnika Kishkurno taken to Central police station, where he was held until 3.00. Party activists not been explained, the reason for the detention.Managing BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka Freedom in an interview said that he regarded it as a fact of pressure on the members of his party.

Yu Hubarevich: Exception Michalevic not work

"The meeting was attended by 48 members of the Diet, and the fourth is 20 votes, 50 percent, but not the best part. Least for solutions required 25 votes. "The event itself Hubarevich praised as "sweep opponents in the party." "I think that will not be split. People here are very confident for a role in party work. But I do not exclude that there will be a departure from the active work those people, that bind his subsequent work with the BPF party. Similar situation happened with us in 1999 and in 2001. "Hubarevich itself remains deputy chairman of

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Lukashenko: Nobody and nothing will force turn off the chosen path

Companies show their presenceIn the procession, organized by the authorities, assumed the role of representatives of different district of Minsk, companies and educational institutions. Virtually all paraphernalia was Russian language and red and green colors. Representatives of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks carried portraits of Lenin and Stalin, Stalin’s portraits present distributed in Victory Square. Member of the party said Vyacheslav Konyshav: "We stalinka true. We birthplace one — the USSR. And we have a president — this Russian power." Part veterans riding in cars, and some went on foot. During the procession to the prospectus had a

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He was released a member of Young Democrats Sergei Klyuyev

Activist met Party Chairman UCP Anatoly Lebedko, his deputy Igor Shynkaryk, human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova.November 17 comes to freedom of member "Young Democrats" Nikolay Sergienko, arrested for distribution of the edition "Free Belarus". He was sentenced to 15 days in jail.• Minsk preparatory arrests before Soc march — from 3 to 15 days, 02.11.2007

How firmly the unity in the NATO alliance?

And can it be considered as only South American instrument? These issues do not rise up to the occasion one more anniversary of the creation of NATO. A number of countries — members of the North Atlantic contract did not support military action against Libya. Very revealing the attitude of Germany, the largest, after the U.S., militarily member of the unit to the military operation.

Germany at the beginning of the military operations against Libya refused to bombard the area of the country. Obviously, the failure of Germany could explain the fact that Libya and Germany davneshnie partners. It follows

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Plastic genitals

Recently, plastic surgery is not limited to operations on the face and body — it also offers a wide range of interventions on the genitals, and the popularity of intimate operations is increasing year by year. This is due primarily to the fact that more people do not want to put up with their systems and dissatisfaction in the sexual sphere of life. In the modern version of an intimate surgery engaged and the decision of medical problems, and correction of the external anatomical defects.

Intimate surgery for men include:

extension Penile (Ligamentotomiya + ekstenderny nonsurgical method) thickening Penile,

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Character death in the skies over Siberia. Continuation of Part 6

February 8, 1993 at 10-13 am at the airport in Tehran, the Tu-154 N 91A-903 airline Iran Air collided during takeoff from the Iranian Air Force fighter Su-22, which at this time due to an error dispatchers came in to land on the same band. Killing 132 passengers and crew Tu-154M — everyone who was on board and the pilot of attack aircraft. September 22, 1993 near Sukhumi was shot down by a missile Abkhaz rebels Tu-154B N SSSR-85163 company "Transaero, Georgia." The airliner crashed on the runway and burst into flames. Of the 12 crew members were

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Remind all (Shaw TV-3) watch online

Reality show in which the main character does not have to listen to yourself and your own instincts, and the hypnotist which will give a different task for the participant which will be a day is under hypnosis. The show started on TV TV-3 and really shows intuition party which hypnotize the whole day …

TV shows

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