Today — the great day of judgment for Square

Society In Pervomaisky district court verdict will be announced Dmitry Bondarenko. In the guerrilla and the October district courts begin trials of 16 defendants in criminal cases on the events of December 19.

In partisan court held the trial of capital presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. Joining him will be judged activist of the "Tell the truth!" Oleg Hnedchyk, the Young Vladimir Eremenko, students Ilya Vasilevich and Fedor Mirzayanava who are not members of any political parties or movements.

In the October trial begins trial activist of the "Tell the truth!" Pavel Vinogradov, Ales Kirkevich to Young, a member of

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Semyon Shapiro: who will do the unrest — will be ruthlessly punished!

Society At a meeting in the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, which gathered businessmen, chairman of the Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro condemned the actions of the protesters at the border crossing "Bruzgi." The need to limit the export of gasoline, he explained that his production in the country, in fact, it is unprofitable.

According to Shapiro, was arrested fourteen people. The official said: "What happened yesterday — it's shameful the Middle Ages. Issues are, they must be solved in this way: you ask them, we need to answer. We are all normal people, by the way, came out of the ground,

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Sannikov started to get acquainted with the case

Society Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, accused of organizing mass riots in Minsk on December 19, started to get acquainted with his criminal case.About This was reported Interfax news agency lawyer Sannikov Marina Kovalevsky. To become acquainted with the materials of the case is given to one month.

"Andrew O. feels satisfactory ", — said the lawyer Kovalevskaya.

She also said that the defense had not yet received a response from the investigation on his request for termination of the criminal proceedings against Sannikov and his release.

Andrei Sannikov is accused in parts 1 and 2 of Article 293 of the

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Verdict Parfiankou left unchanged

It has considered the Company's board of judges: Chairman Nazarenko with the participation Mole and Khomich.

According to the human rights organization "Spring", personally Basil Parfiankou the trial was not. His interests were represented by counsel andgar Papkovsky. In his speech, he drew the court's attention to the fact that the findings of the judge Olga Komar incorrect because in his client's no crime riots. The lawyer asked to cancel the sentence Parfiankou and stop the prosecution.

In this case, the lawyer also pointed out that the sentence appears "destruction of property", but even a civil plaintiff spoke of "property

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Dmitry Uss: I will deal with fraudulent documents

Society March 21 Former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss will get acquainted with the materials of the criminal case in which he is accused of organizing riots December 19, 2010.

Nearly three months Dmitry Uss had the status of a suspect in a criminal case on the riots on election day. For this time Ex-presidential candidate, a dozen times called for questioning.In late January, Dmitri Uss, told reporters that his decline to testify against another presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevicha: that he allegedly organized the riots. Then Vc said that he refused to testify about what was not.

And on March

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The lawyer appealed the verdict and Uss

Society The lawyer of former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss, Vladimir Sazanchuk sent an appeal against the decision of the Leninsky district court of Minsk, which recognizes Usa guilty of organizing mass riots.

He filed a complaint with registered mail. Previously filed a complaint and Dmitry Us, Interfax reported.

According to counsel, he bases his claim on the fact that "the riots in the interpretation of Article 293 Criminal Code Minsk was not. "At the same time, in his opinion, there is reason to characterize the actions of certain individuals involved in breaking windows at the Government House, the items" disturbing

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Judicial possible release Neklyaeva exhausted

Society Minsk City Court refused to change the measure of restraint accused of organizing "mass disorder" ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaev. Lawyer Vladimir Bukshtynav policy specified that the court left Neklyaeva under arrest, the decision can not be appealed.

January 6th Court for the Central district of Minsk also left a former contender for the top job custody. I was a lawyer one day to appeal the decision of this Court in the High Court — the Minsk City Court. But now the appeals process is exhausted, and Nyaklyayeu remains remand KGB — despite the fact that at the end last

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