A day or figure: 25 million

Now, during a meeting with the Minister Interior Georgia, Ivane Merabishvili Alexander Lukashenko referred to this figure "laughter" and said that may be Lately increment mutual trade to 100 millions of dollars. The sudden visit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia may be beginning to improve relations between Minsk and Tbilisi.

Citations a day or — 22 May

"I think it’s just trafficking. Hostages taken initially, and later try to implement for the funds. Nigerian poor is not even dream — they only million bucks took for the stolen Belarusian, but here are willing to 400 million euros. All it is very abominably. Especially since Additional foul condition — there is some writing application addressed Pyatkevich or lawyer, or close relatives, or yourself … Incidentally, I did not write any statements, again stress, because I’m sure that it sounds with the highest stands — "that’s neither here asked zavyalenne wrote, I asvabadiv them, and in no way again

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How to protect the creators of intellectual property?

In 2005, member of the Union of artists Vladimir Sharkov offered candy factory "Kommunarka" cooperation in finishing packing sweets. Painter left standards work. He was assured that if the outline is approved, sign a contract with him. But a year later the emperor Sharkov case saw the storefront gun candy on her own vyznat sketch. From August 2006 to obtain compensation sample introduction image results did not bring.Sharkov: "The Director-General said, will not pay and generally about something with me is not going to negotiate. Motif, of course, was this: our people fail, likely, pay 2.5 million rubles duties. I

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The losses of the USSR in the war without legends and politicking

Refined fatalities Russian fighter horrifying, but they do not fit the term "trupozakidatelstvo"

In preparation for the 65th anniversary of the Victory stateliness with modern exigencies of the media discusses the problem of military losses, which all these decades never been removed from the agenda forward to. And always highlights the Russian component of the loss. The most popular version ideologemma this: the cost of victory in the second world war "was a very big" for our country. Taking the decision to hold a large military operations, the leaders and generals of the United States, England, supposedly kept by

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The main internal prepyadstviya Europe

Many residents of the Russian Federation said that the European Alliance — a "paradise" perfect alliance and a place to live. Apparently, they share the world and millions of migrants from Africa, Asia states that every year more and more increasing their numbers in the "Old World".

The main internal problems of modern Europe

— The problem of migrants. Italy, Greece and several other states simply "drown" waves of migrants from the Arab world and black Africa. In Italy, several thousand people come each day. The Italian government lodges them in "temporary camps", but the Italians do not share such

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Oil charade of the modern world

Perhaps no other product in the world is subjected to such discussions as oil. Oil is becoming a prerequisite for starting wars, oil afloat due to the economy of many countries, oil can dictate political conditions.

For something to get rid of dependence on oil and to find other sources of energy, serves a number of countries, but there's no real candidates "black gold" the world's population did not. Certainly, such a day in the history of our civilization at some point, we wish we like it or do not want to, come, but as long as the object

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Move programs from the F-35 Senator McCain described as messy

At the moment, in Fort Worth at the industrial sites of Lockheed Martin F-56 are 35 in various stages of assembly. But analysts believe that by fine-tuning of aircraft will need a few million bucks, before they entered service.

Already, the F-35 has become the most expensive applets arms of the United States. It is estimated at 385 billion dollars. But this figure may Strength as fighter require "fixes that will cost millions."

Plane is built with the introduction of the most challenging stealth technology, but as shown by the initial flight tests of the fighter models have design flaws.

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One million people in Rome celebrates John Paul II

Society More than a million people, according to police in Rome, take part in the ceremony of beatification of Pope John Paul II, who died six years ago.

Tens of thousands of pilgrims arrived in Rome from Poland to take part in the beatification of his compatriot — Karol Wojtyla.

The ceremony was held successor to John Paul II — Pope Benedict XVI.

Beatification in Catholicism — the first stage of praise, after which the communion of the saints.

Dubnov, Where Lukashenko still go?

Society His view on the reasons for which Alexander Lukashenko traveled to Turkmenistan, has a Russian expert on Central Asia, the international observer of the newspaper "Moscow News" Arkady Dubnov.

Drakakhrust: Why Now Lukashenko went to Berdymukhamedov? It so happened that this was his first trip abroad after the presidential election.

Dubnov: Beautiful new. Do not be the last dictator in Europe goes to visit almost the first dictator of Central Asia. Alexander G. can only sympathize. And where he should go? West closed to him, Russia — bad he messed with Ukraine relations by "crummy" principle. It remains

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U.S. gave Lebanon 200 armored vehicles

U.S. Department of Defense has transferred Lebanon 200 armored M113, reports Jane's. Machines have been supplied free of charge and the country arrived at the port of Beirut Jan. 6, 2012. Despite the fact that all armored vehicles are fully operational, they will average repair on one of the Lebanese companies. Further details regarding this delivery is not specified.

In the second half of 2012, the U.S. had Lebanon military aid for a total of 140.37 million dollars. This amount comes to delivery of 6 new multipurpose helicopter UH-1H Huey II, spare parts and a simulator, as the construction of

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