Guest on Freedom — Svetlana Aleksievich

She was born in the family of a serviceman. After the demobilization of his father’s family» I returned to his home in Belarus. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU in 1972. Books created "War does not feminine face", "Last Witnesses", "Zinc boys", "Charmed death", "Chernobyl Prayer," "Magnificent endless deer hunting." Books published over 20 countries, while Belarus winner of numerous international literary awards do not print for 12 years. Before talking with the students "Freedom" Svetlana Aleksievich said: "I wanted to read about the responsibility of the elite. Among all school programs thrown all real Belarusian literature: Bulls

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New adviser to the Minister of Defence was Maria Kitaeva

Team Secretary of Defense came another new man. Order of Sergei Shoigu advisor to the head of the military department appointed Maria Kitaeva.

In building on Znamenka she moves out of the administration of the Capital Region. When he was governor Sergei Shoigu, Kitaeva It was at the Information Policy Adviser to the status of a regional minister. Stay in this capacity for Kitaeva was short-lived — from June to November of the year today. Now the possessor of diplomas 2-popular schools — MGIMO and the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts — to be fully acclimated to the latest

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The new government: Minister of missile defense

Dmitry Rogozin may vary Anatoly Serdyukov as defense minister, retaining the chair deputy prime minister for defense. Combining posts bureaucrat will solve the problem of defense procurement

Acting. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin is a top contender for the management of the Ministry of Defence in the government of Dmitry Medvedev, told Forbes, a source close to the bureaucrat. Source in the defense industry have heard about this nomination. A government source confirmed that the current minister Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, who seemed to keep their own position may leave the defense establishment.

The phone Rogozin read about his probable destination

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The Minister of Defense has promised to re-18 machine-gun and artillery division

Visiting the Kuril Islands minister Defense Serdyukov, pledged to re-military units that are stationed there.

"Since 2011, we start to work within the framework of the modern state armaments program, and I believe that we will plan the substitution of arms and military equipment in this division," — quoted by the agency "Interfax" words of the Minister of Defence.

During the visit to the Kuril Islands, heard the report of the commander Serdyukov 18 machine-gun and artillery division, which is responsible for the defense of the fundamental directions. Minister Defense looked at art, given the household criteria soldiers listened

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The Ministry of Defence invites missile forum

According disk imaging RIA "Novosti" minister Defense Anatoly Serdyukov zabugornyh invited representatives to the May conference on missile defense, which will be held in Moscow. This was said yesterday by the deputy minister of defense of the Russian Federation A. Antonov.

International forum ABM is scheduled for May 3-4. Serdyukov said on Tuesday that the Russian Federation to further clarify its position on the conference on European missile defense.

At a meeting with foreign military attaches Deputy Defense Minister said that on March 20 Russian minister Defense signed individual invitations defense ministers of the CIS, CSTO, NATO countries, China, South

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MIA: go to fight some old?

A lot of enthusiasm caused by those permutations that have taken place in the Ministry of the Interior. After the left post your own minister-"Reformer" Rashid Nurgaliyev, and took his seat Vladimir Kolokoltchev, many began to realize that with the "suite" of Rashid Nurgaliev, which went to newcomer heritage minister, he (Kolokoltchev) hardly worked. With regard to that, what is so useful katigorichnye changes in the higher circles of the Interior Ministry, there are several views at once, and one of these views clearly prevails.

Experts believe that Vladimir Kolokoltchev he said "up" that longs to work with his own

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Lavrov: Russia will only support a peaceful resolution on Libya

Our homeland will support the latest probable resolution on Libya only in this case it will call upon the parties to the negotiating table. On this, as reported by Itar-Tass, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference in Sukhum.

"It (the resolution) is not there yet, — said minister. — But if it will resolution with a call to end the violence and called on the parties to the negotiating table, we will support it. "

According to the minister, in this case, if draft resolution would include other details, namely, outside interference, "will not support."

The other

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Belarus issued a Eurobond at 8.75%

Society Belarus placed Eurobonds in the amount of $ 600 million for a period of 5 years.

This was announced by Finance Minister Andrei Kharkavets, quoted by BelTA.

According to the minister, the yield of the bonds is 8.75%.

"Here, we do not dictate policy, here appraisal investors. Therefore, we presume, as we evaluate the investors and how effectively we work with them," — he said.

Talking about the buyers of bonds, the minister said that the BelarusianEurobonds and became interested in lots of investors. "The geographical range of investors very much. They present Europe, Asia, North

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Force majeure situation in the Ministry of Defence

In the Russian media disk imaging repeatedly topic was rising overdue resignation of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. With all this the forecasts given not only journalists, political scientists, but also retired and active military personnel, and of many other citizens who are seriously concerned about neuvvyazkami Russian army. Even when he was Minister of Defense Serdyukov mentioned the names of people who could change the unpopular head of the defense department. In the middle of these "candidates" were: Nikolai Makarov, Dmitry Rogozin, Vladimir Shamanov and a number of other deserving individuals. But ultimately, Nikolai Makarov, is still the chief

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Serdyukov about reforms in the army

Last Tuesday there was a meeting of Governors of the Defense Ministry and the Minister of Defense Serdyukov with representatives of the Public Council under the Ministry. We are talking about the reform of the army, which, according to the minister, it is impossible to carry out without the support of civilian society.

Serdyukov said that in the last time reduced the number of recruits and the number of contractors, on the contrary, increases. Apart from this, the recruits are now close to home.

Meals conscripts also significantly improved. Now in their menu includes juices, fruit, and energy value

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