Adnexitis — seasonal disease

What is it?

With the onset of cold weather, women often turn to the gynecologist with pain caused by hypothermia. But this is only at first glance. In fact, we are talking about adnexitis — inflammatory disease of the uterus (ovaries and fallopian tubes), caused by a variety of microorganisms. We differentiate between salpingitis — inflammation of the ovaries and Ofori — inflammation of the fallopian tubes, which usually occur at the same time. Adneksita pathogens can be as gonorrhea (gonoreyny adnexitis) and the tubercle bacillus (TB adnexitis), staphylococci, E. coli. The network of clinics "MedCenterService" specializes

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Geometry NAZCA: Who, when and how? (Part 3)

And yet, in the confusion of lines marked at least one pattern. Namely, many of them come from certain centers, diverging from them in different directions in the form of rays. Typically, they are located on the top of a small hill and connected to each other by lines. However, such centers are sometimes not only on the surface of Pampa, but also the rather steep slopes rivers significantly below that surface. From the point of view of surveyors, it is unclear. If such centers is the reference point a network (such as triangulation) on the surface

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