Human incompatibility

What unites the film such stories? Perhaps — well guessed the essence of the important features of our lives. After all subjects relating to virtually all the major «trend» of modern -deneg, sex and psychic abilities. Only they are presented with caustic adjusted to our reality.

WORLD KREPEZhA.Esche at the beginning of the last century, Maxim Gorky once said: «It is not always important, they say, but it is always important — as they say.» In this phrase, he foresaw the great one of the main technological methods of modern «salespeople» — no matter what you sell, as long as

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Elections to the Chamber of veterans

Dvyuhpalatny Parliament Republic of Belarus appeared after the 1996 referendum. He changed The Supreme Council, which consisted of a single chamber. In most states — unicameral parliament, explains in special elections Sergei Alfer:"Dvyuhpalatnyya parliaments have in the main or in countries with federal systems (for example, the U.S. or India) or, if this is historically, as, for example, in Poland." The Board of 64 people. Each area plus capital are 8 people who are elected appropriate advice and executive committees. 8 more people personally appointed by the head of the country. Last and violates the territorial principle of the country

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Zeltser deal: We have a relationship with fraud

"We have a relationship with untainted by fraud Emanuel Zeltser and its partners, when a certain group of people, without providing any documents, tried to seize property Badri Patarkatsishvili. Georgian society is difficult to find someone who would think differently. Someone is trying to make out whether Emanuel Zeltser not a political prisoner, but if he had the documents, he would have to provide them, but while he has not submitted any evidence. Zeltser’s brother challenged what Gudavadze Nina is the widow of Badri Patarkatsishvili. This statement Mark Zeltser showed us on television.If a person claims that the widow of

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Attention manifested in any conscious human activity to a greater or lesser extent. Warning — this concentration of consciousness and its orientation but anything of value to humans. Attention improves the result of other mental processes — such as remembering, thinking, imagination, but does not exist by itself.

To focus properties include its stability, the concentration distribution, and the volume change.

Concentration means that how often a person is able to focus and get away from all that is not in the focus of attention. Deep focus is useful when working on a task, as well as

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Yu Hubarevich: Exception Michalevic not work

"The meeting was attended by 48 members of the Diet, and the fourth is 20 votes, 50 percent, but not the best part. Least for solutions required 25 votes. "The event itself Hubarevich praised as "sweep opponents in the party." "I think that will not be split. People here are very confident for a role in party work. But I do not exclude that there will be a departure from the active work those people, that bind his subsequent work with the BPF party. Similar situation happened with us in 1999 and in 2001. "Hubarevich itself remains deputy chairman of

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Haretski: This is not a thaw, and shuffling cards

Gorki"O" thaw "need to read very conditional, as after each release from prison of our activists regime is intensifying its repression. Artur Finkevich Just released — the same day arrange searched the room polochanki Catherine Solovevoj. Paperwork being — any results of the investigation wants to achieve. So we do not thaw, but rather like peratusovku cards. Well, of course, a very big concern of youth cause preventive arrests, detentions, and the other day while shares. And not just managers — ordinary young people: the same as Anton Kalinowski, as the same Lyudka Atakulava. "Ulitenok"Before I strike businessmen trying in

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Guest night of freedom — public editor week Dar» I lis

Guest — public editor this week, disability vazochnitsa Dar» I November. She will comment on the poll — that people are interested in the lives of people with disabilities?Painting Muratova "Two in One" was removed from the programs from the festival "Listopad". There’s a scene where Alexander Lukashenko congratulates the audience with "Happy New Year". Comment movie producer Oleg Kohan.In research papers — smoking hookah and fashion. People talk about the harmful zvychyki. In the "record" Alexander Pamidorau — "Mroya." Siege Belarusian web, in "Night Primer" Gregory Sitnitsa poems. After 23 minutes — a topic that has ordered a public

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Our homeland until he repents over 60 million murdered by Stalin, it is impossible to criticize the U.S.

TV channel Fox News (USA) which expresses the worldview of the right wing of the ruling class of the United States, the Russian Foreign Ministry report on violations of human rights in the United States intended a special story. Briefly saying that the Russian side blames the Yankees in violation of the principles of fairness in the electoral process, corruption and flouting of international law in time humanitarian wars of conquest — Fox News said that in Russian Federation, incidentally, "Joseph Stalin, a former favorite of the USSR blamed the death of 60 million man. "

In addition, "a

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Feat Marinesko and disaster Gustloff

January 30, 1945 the submarine "S-13" by the command of Alexander Marinesco sank the German ship "Wilhelm Gustloff". According to various reports then lost from 4 to 8 thousand people. Until now, it's the worst maritime tragedy. Why Marinesko not given the title of Hero Sovestskogo Union and whether the feat of his crew really exploit either on board were civilians Germany?

We turn first to the official Russian sources:

"Submarine" C-13 "under the command of Captain 3rd Rank A.I.Marinesko January 30, 1945 sank to the north-west of the Bay of Danzig German ship" Wilhelm Gustloff "with a

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Nearly 10,000 people were killed by natural disasters in 2012

January 3, 2013. More than 9500 man were killed by natural disasters in 2012 caused material damage amounted to 122 billion euros. Such data are a German company, which is one of the leaders of the German insurance market, according to ITAR-TASS. Most often, natural disasters have occurred in the United States. Only Hurricane "Sandy" harmed by 38 billion euros. Most claimed the lives of Filipino typhoon "Bofa": from its attack killed more than a thousand man and destroyed 65,500 homes.

The impacts of natural disasters in the 2012 year were smaller than in 2011, when a magnitude 9 earthquake

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