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I somehow think that all the good things happening to us in the summer. When a lot of sun and heat, our protective crust diminishes, and we become more open and emotional. Summer — a meeting with friends, traveling, weddings, long walks on the beach or in the woods … Why am I? Oh, you just want as long as possible to stay in a comfortable, relaxed, enjoy the photos of brides in our magazine, and not to think about the long frosty winter and the introduction of the euro. The bride, by the way, we are dazzling («Wedding with

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White-tailed bird of the year 2013!

White-tailed eagle — one of the most beautiful and powerful birds of prey. It is hard to remain indifferent, seeing in warm autumn or winter day this predator for a long time hovering in the air, using it flows upward, filling the neighborhood abrupt cry.

Russian Bird Conservation Union chose the white-tailed eagle bird in 2013!

White-tailed eagle lives often near water, its area covers almost the entire territory of the country (except for the northern areas of the tundra). These birds of prey are also found in the Nordic countries, Western and Central Europe, the Near East and

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Market at the stadium in Warsaw Decade survives eigenvector

If last week Poles in nationwide happy with the fact that the European football championship in 2012 will be held in Poland, in the stadium decades reigned sadness — thousands of traders realized that plans to build on this place a large modern National Stadium, which have an open championship, really become a reality.Mayor of Warsaw Anna Gronkiewicz-Waltz expressed by this occasion optimism:"I am happy and at shchastsivaya this occasion — By 2012, Warsaw is a huge city. We construct the National Stadium, another subway line. For your work! "Traders from the stadium was informed that they can work on

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This law obstacles to our work will not do

Andrei Klimov arrested April 3, 2007. The occasion was an article on the web, in which, according to the views of the investigators, calling for the overthrow of the existing government. In September, the policy was sentenced to two years in prison. He was released in This year February 15. "I personally am not afraid that the Web we may be limited because we do not live in Turkmenistan. We are still in Europe, and telecommunications are moving forward. People live own life, not paying attention to power. This is also a common form of protest. Time does not stand

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Mogilev commemorates Holocaust victims

A dozen activists came to the river on whose banks Dubrovenka almost seven shesdesyat years ago Nazis formed a ghetto. To a symbolic space activists laid flowers wreath and lit candles memory.Now in urban Jewish Sunday school too had read about the Holocaust. Talk about the ideology of tolerance and formation of the enemy in the form of Nazi Germany.Clear information about how many Jews remained in the ghetto no. It is understood that during the Nazi occupation of Mogilev were shot about 10 thousand people.Currently on the site is private sector ghetto, next — a new bridge over the

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Police managed to bring the situation under control in London

Police managed to bring the situation in London under control. Maybe an effect that patrolled the streets of almost 16 thousand police officers, and maybe — a threat to the authorities shoot looters plastic bullets. But in other towns of the kingdom — Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool — the rioters feel at ease. Burned cars, looted shops and even broke into the house.

Mess in the UK are gaining momentum with each passing day or. It seems that burned London looters no longer lures. And now they spread the other big country town. Recently the guards about just managed to

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Samara Bend — one of the most anomalous zones of the world

Only in the last few years there have been more than 1,000 paranormal. Often, there are such things as "cat ears" — rays of light that appear out of nowhere. A so-called "cat's eyes" — some glowing lights seen over Zhiguli mountains.

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Encounters with Sasquatch — also uncommon event for local residents. For example, one of these meetings took place in 1950 on

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Mysterious objects in the old cemetery

The old cemetery is both frightening and attract people. Since childhood, each of us had heard terrible stories about the dead coming out of their graves, disappearances, dared to walk there at night. One of these abandoned graves located near Chicago.

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Thus, miracles begin already on the outskirts of Chicago cemetery: many drivers of passing cars saw a ghostly houses standing near the

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Unsolved mysteries of the Urals

Ural — a mountainous region, where very often mysterious things happen. Some researchers even suggest these lands, that there is some kind of anomalous zone, and the tradition of the "godforsaken" places associated with UFOs.

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Brand new machine intelligence and control ISI-O

A few days back a list of famous Russian military equipment added another type. July 17 military-patriotic website "Courage," published the first information on the combat vehicle, referred to as "Module intelligence and control optical MRU-O", as several of her photos, inside and out. The creator of the project is to Penza NPP "Ruby." Information on the development, according to the creators of the initial publication of "courage" was derived from the patent industry standard for the number 82323, issued by the "Ruby" in July last year. Since then a year has passed, and all information concerning the complex was

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