Vega 3D

Laser projection level

LASER: Class — 2, wavelength — 635 nm radiation power — 1 mW

Optical scheme: horizontal and two vertical planes

Operating range: up to 15 m (with receiver — up to 60 m)

Measurement error: ± 0,2 mm / m


DIMENSIONS: 162x79x127 mm Weight: 0.8 kg

PRICE: 16500 rubles.

Compact multi-functional automatic laser level Vega 3D is suitable for interior decoration, installation, leveling walls and floors, installation of ceiling structures, installation of partitions, wall mounted equipment, the leveling of wall shelves, and much more. The device builds three mutually perpendicular planes — one horizontal

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Saab JAS 39 fighter will develop the next generation of Gripen

Company Saab has received a contract Swedish Ministry of Defence to develop a fighter JAS 39 Gripen next generation. As reported on the website of the company, the agreement is designed for 2013-2026 years and provides for the creation of fighter jets to Switzerland.   On Friday, February 15, 2013, the Ministry of Defence of Sweden situated initial order to develop the fighter Gripen E 2.5 billion kronor (395 million dollars) in 2013-2014. The total price of the transaction is 47.2 billion kroner (7.47 billion dollars).   Under the agreement, as reported, Saab is upgrading 60 single fighter JAS

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Salting of the Russian Federation in India, explained to the cause of the accident MiG

Russian salting in India Alexander Kadakin referred prerequisite frequent crashes of fighters, "MiG" Indian Air Force implementation of non-Russian production of counterfeit parts. About this report with reference agency PTI.

"Do not be surprised that your plane crashes" — said Kadakin, speaking about the use of parts from informal vendors.

Over the past four years, the Indian Air Force lost 10 fighter aircraft and 33 helicopters, among which 27 aircraft grade "MiG". As previously reported, in 2018 India wants absolutely to abandon obsolete MiG-21 fighters, who make up about 40 percent of the country's fleet of combat aircraft.


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The unknown war: The reddish star over Western Belarus

History of the accession of Western Belarus in September 1939 seemed like something of a large-scale military exercises ended with victory and flowers. In fact the Red Army had to participate in military operations with tanks and aircraft.

For a long time the role of "Stalin's Falcons" in the process of joining the Western Belarus never given great significance. And yet specifically September 17, 1939 was the debut of days Russian aviation second world war. Recently the beginning of the "liberation campaign" in the Belorussian and Kiev special military district, soon became the Belarusian and Ukrainian fronts, were made massive

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Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

How to do without the most sensational object of our planet: The Bermuda Triangle?

Today I have collected information on exactly what it and am sharing with you with it!

Yes, in the end of the article the video: Bermuda triangle from the point of view of science (50 Minutes)

World Ocean hides inside a large number of puzzles, first among them — The Bermuda Triangle mystery, where for the foreseeable future has disappeared without a trace many ships and planes. As for the mysterious region in the western

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German dishes and secret project V-3

Author: Vl. Zolotukhin UIGGM SB RAS, Novosibirsk

In the scientific and popular literature, discussed in detail the German secret projects "V-2" (A-4) to establish a controlled ballistic missile with liquid rocket engine (LRE), under the guidance of renowned specialists: Wernher von Braun and K. Riedel (Rocket Center in Dornberger Peenemunde — the island of Usedom, most often on the documents he was designated as a "Peenemunde-Ost"). Around the same time, in early 1942, another group of designers from the Air Force developed the project, which received the designation flying bomb FZG-76, later called "V-1" (polygon BBC "Peenemunde-West") (1). But the

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Silver bird. Orbital bomber Nazis

The Third Reich, lasted only twelve years old, collapsed under the blows of the Allies. The winners got rich trophies, among them — these marvels of technology for decades ahead of their time. One of them was called Bomber Zenger, or Silver Bird. Incredible for the time plane, which was to bomb the enemy from orbit!

Mysterious report

In August 1945, the Deputy Commissar Vasily Ryabikov arms formed a commission to study the German rocket technology. It was formed by several groups who have served in Germany and

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MiG-29K — the future of Russian and Indian carrier-based aircraft

July 28 naval fighter, the MiG-29KUB having a tail number 204, made its first landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya", which is tested in the Barents Sea. Pilot plane two perfectly recognizable in Russia test-pilot: Senior Test Pilot Flight Test Center of the A. Fedotov Mikhail Belyaev and distinguished test pilot and Hero of the Russian Federation Nikolai Diorditsa. At the current time to a landing on an aircraft carrier is preparing the next fighter — A single MiG-29K. It may be noted that the successful work of test pilots drew a line under the reincarnation of

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MiG — 19. China bids farewell to a legend

The People's Liberation Army of China "goodbye" to the most famous for its martial fighter J-6 — a copy of the Russian MiG-19Last weekend news channel of China Central Television showed extraordinary reportage. At a military airfield was a farewell for the latest fighter J-6. "Veteran" is not simply written off quietly in store. Fighter, who faithfully served for more than forty years, China staged a festive farewell.

The last batch of fighters used for training purposes in Jinan military environment. Now J-6 unassembled transported to one of the warehouses PLA Air Force, where they will gather again and

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Not Henkel 1079V / I and B / II

The appearance of this machine is simply mesmerizing, not in vain, it is currently often associated with contemporary South American stealth machines.

The designers of the aircraft were Siegfried and Gunther Eichner Hohbah. By the way, it is clear that after the war, these were the designer secretly taken to the United States, and is fully possible that in American modern machines are used and their ideas. But back to this machine.

German designer built two versions of projects. One the keel and the other was developed by the scheme tailless. On this distinction between projects and ended.


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