A day or Quote — April 5

"Today, I turned to the Federal Chancellor of Austria Alfred Guzenbavera to mediate in resolving the conflict situation in Ukraine. Avctryya known as neutral democratic government with the same legal tradition. " Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych invited as a mediator in the doldrums Ukrainian Austrian Chancellor."In 1854, in London in 4 copies left anonymous book. And after 4 years in Krakow came repeat this book. And scientists have concluded that a book written Ignat Jackowski. There is a poem in Polish and Belarusian. Whenthan Belarus Polish translation worse than the original. It seems to me that the creator of this

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Words of Heniyush — to museums Bykov

Society Larissa Heniyush today, a century which will be on August 9, recalled in Grodno in a public museum of Vasil Bykov.

The head of the museum Nikolai Melnikov read a poem, "The brothers in captivity," which Larissa Heniyush once sent him a letter. This poem is known poetess he later put in his memoirs. Mr. Melnikov also read words Bykov Heniyush.

Poetess Danuta Bichel, which is well known Larissa Heniyush, said that she "loved Bykov and trusted him." Once they vdvyuh went to the writer's apartment on the present street Large Trinity, then he came to hold them,

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Journal of rogues announced a competition translators

The competition is dedicated to women of society in the literature. Attention contestants are offered 8 poems in seven languages — English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish. The best translation will be published in the next issue of the magazine.

Verse for heading chose translator and winner of three previous competitions and magazine Cup master Andrei Stefanovic. He suggested that the poem — «Gedichte» Ben Godfrey.



In the House of Writers Anatoly and Leonid Vertinskiy Dayneko

Society Alone with TIME

Anatoly Vertinskiy: "Belarusian poetry of taste and" American "and" Volodarka "

Anatoly Vertinskiy

Lived during the presidential elections for the first time in the political history of Belarus to the voters not only recited the presidential candidates. At campaign rallies and meetings on public radio and television, on flyers and posters to the people speak a Belarusian poetry. About this phenomenon, we are talking today with the poet Anatoly Vertinskiy.

Michas Scoble"Anatoly, I remember, before the presidential election, and related events you said at the meeting, which they have imagined a poem or essay on"

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Oksana Sprinchan — sadly optimistic about Christmas works of Belarusian literature


Ales Harun. MY Koljada. In.: Selected Works. MINSK, "Logos", 2003

Premonition of Christmas — always a festive. But Christmas is the Belarusians themselves very often with sadness, separation, death, and all the same faith in a miracle — a miracle of national rebirth, the miracle of awakening of national consciousness.

Such a miracle happened in the poem "My Christmas Carols" Ales Harun. Although it was published in 1920 in Vilna under the pseudonym A. Dull, actually just very zhytstsestsvyarzhalnaya. Is a poem written shortly after Christmas, January 13, 1905 and is the first known work of

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Poems of freedom

Society What is freedom for you, for your loved ones, for Belarus Today?

Write your own poem, "free"!

With such a request, we turned to you 10 years. 

Now pavtraem again — send us a poem on freedom.

email: versh2011@gmail.com Tel 00375 17 266 39 52

Minsk, 220005 PS 111

Europe expects a democratic inquisition?

Oksana Sprinchan — books shot poets


Yuri Lavon. In the book "was shot LITERATURE." "Libraries", 2008

There is a lyric poetry, is philosophical, there is journalistic. They can be found in the dictionary of literary terms. And there are also "counter-revolutionary poem", which do not identify the theorists of literature. These works are well-versed "appropriate" authorities. It is for the distribution of these poems is excluded, but later recovered and in 1934 graduated from the Department of criticism and creative literary department of the Minsk Pedagogical Institute Yuri Lavon. The true name of the poet — Leonid Jurkiewicz. He was born in

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