Italian priest on trial for concealing Vicky Frost

According to the prosecutor’s office materials, priests and Grillo Darbele shared with family Giusto-Bornachin accused role in last year’s 20-day secretly Content Belarusian orphans in the Alps. Neither the parish of Cogoleto Danilo Grillo nor abbot St. Ian in the Alpine region of Valais dAosta Francis Darbele not feel guilty. A priest from Cogoleto Don Danilo Grillo convinced as ever: "It is an offense not disguise the girls, and she was forcibly razluchenne family. Specifically for that someone one day will be held responsible. " A year earlier, Italy open a discussion when all act spouses Alessandro Giusto and Maria

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Mogilev commemorated the victims of Stalinist terror

Requiem celebrated Greek Catholic priest, Father Basil Requiem celebrated Greek Catholic priest, Father. BasilHe helped the young deacons with the Roman Catholic, but the Belarusian Autocephalous Churches.

Historian Igor Pushkin ignorant of Stalin’s terrorshootings began here in 1918.

Misha Bulavatsky and daughter shot priest Jadwiga Antonovna very hard and difficult, "- said at a rally historian.Igor Pushkin Undercover terrible career opened the case. Builders began to take away their own needs sand and found human remains. Public activist Misha Bulavatsky

Cross memory Avenue Dimitrovaresearch and fact-finding defeat people here."The Commission has decided what to do —

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Knigazboravski that priest-patriot

Volume of selected works of Belarusian priest Adam Stankevich came in publishing "knigosbor." Its made as religious lectures and sermons, as well as purely scientific and historical works of the priest-patriot.Priest Adam Stankevich was born in December 24 Oshmyany region (on the old one style), 1891. Trained by the church in Golshany, Vilna Church seminary Petragradkay Church Academy. But no-Polish spirit of the first 2-schools, nor pro-Russian third Wednesday did not destroy it with educated young Belarusian attitude. Where he later served nor always brought up in their own parishioners Belarusian state patriotism. And this has earned the attention of

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The Belarusian village of Paris — The Eiffel Tower has its own

Local priest Juozas Bulka said that to fulfill his plan CONTRIBUTE spetsy enterprise "Glubokskaya electronic networks."The priest says that the village Paris prepares for its own 200th anniversary. There is currently building a new church, the museum of John Paul II, is a beautiful park."And what is Paris without the Eiffel Tower? Very looks great! Plans highlight the cross there. Well, is art! Although it is municipal policy — to expand tourism, but tourism must be fascinating. "Folk legends suggest that the former Belarusian village referred Paris Napoleon Bonaparte during the War of 1812. But in Russian 1970, during mass

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Runes. Ancestral Heritage

Increasingly, modern man seeks advice from the ancient forces, as our ancestors did generations ago. And, oddly enough, finds answers to the deepest questions: what is beyond our understanding, wise giving tips and showing the right direction.

Runes found interesting, but just can not see that they painted? Then, folding magnifying glass is useful to you, with which you can easily read the writing on the runes.

Runes — these are small symbols, signs, with which you can speak to the gods. Originally they are from Scandinavia,

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Vandals damaged the monument to Pope John Paul II in Vitebsk

Society According to the local congregation, the sculpture has suffered from vandals for the second time. First such a case occurred shortly after the opening of the monument in September 2008, timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the election of John Paul II at the Apostolic See of Rome.

Vicar of the parish priest Roman said that the police filed an application to find criminals. The priest is convinced that vandals deliberately ruined monument, the more than that it has not happened for the first time. Roman Catholic priest says the last time also appealed for help to

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Tools for ‘opening the mouth’ mummies

The priests who performed the ritual of "opening the mouth" dead, but to imitate those actions that someone in ancient times served as appropriate and usefully. Do not want to offend the ancient Egyptian priests, but before his eyes again there is the image of monkeys, drumming his paws on a computer keyboard … A skeptic might say that all this is unconvincing, since the similarity forms of "cutting edge of the god Ptah," a modern laryngoscope may be a coincidence. But Oklittsa sensational hypothesis was supported by other doctors working in different

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The judge refused to Paul Brysina Seviarynets in a meeting with the mother and the priest

Society Condo District Court Judge Joan Minsk Brysina that May 11 will conduct the trial of the organizing committee co-chairman of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Pavel Seviarynets, denied him a meeting with the mother and the priest says Site For example, a request for a meeting with her mother the judge replied that "in accordance with Art. 369 Code of Criminal Procedure is given permission to meet the chairman of the verdict. "

As the mother of policy Tatiana Seviarynets, a request for a meeting with the priest's son judge replied that "the competence of the Court

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Cryptic message to mankind

The Egyptian pyramids are very enigmatic and mysterious. People still can not accurately understand who and why these great temples were built. Today, the Egyptian pyramids are an important source of information. With their help, you can learn about the events that occurred in the distant past.

In the old dynasty of Egyptian kings left paintings and hieroglyphics on the walls of the pyramids to capture all the events taking place in the state and nature. Learn the secrets of successful people as you can on the site

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Took the cake, eggs — not should

Society Dmitry Bondarenko held the post on the eve of Passover. By Paul Seviarynets priest is still not allowed. Dashkevich is still on Volodarka. What can not be transferred prisoner Queen Nikita Lihavidu for Easter? Eduard Lobau sent the first letter of Ivatsevichy colony.

Coordinator of "European Belarus" Dmitry Bondarenko— A sincere Catholic and always kept before Easter post. Is it possible for him it is now, with the KGB prison "American women"? The prisoner's wife Olga knows exactly fasted husband these days, but some conclusions can be done:

"With him in the chamber were two Catholics. He asked

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