Damascus under the full control of the Syrian army

Syrian Army drove the rebels from the last region of Damascus, which they held. Currently, all the Syrian capital are kept under the control of government forces, reports AFP referring to the unknown brigadier general. According to the Syrian authorities, the last stronghold of the rebels in Damascus was Tadamun region, which is adjacent to the camp of Palestinian refugees living there as Syrians and Palestinians. That the insurgents retreated from the region, and anti-government activists justified. However, they say that the rebels remain in the town and continue to carry out attacks on the army point, reports Lenta.Ru.

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Political denunciation during the uprising Kalinowski

Historian explained to the rebels hanged spouse Radkevich early July 1863. Sam Radkevych previously threatened to denounce the rebels. They came, certainly, to punish him, said Ales Smolenchuk but not find and destroy her husband. As a result, the village imposed a huge indemnity for the fact that the inhabitants helped the rebels.Smolenchuk "I try to show himself again try to look thought out such an uprising in 1863, that has true human dimension. I wish to look at the episode uprising viewpoint ordinary people caught in the midst of actually this uprising, I mean the city of Novy Dvor

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Polish uprising of 1863-1864. Part 3

The uprising in the North West province

Go with the emergence of the Polish armed gangs in the Kingdom of Poland and the gang began to appear in the adjacent province of Grodno. So, in the town Semyatichi was formed 5 th group led by Roginskii. 25-26 January 1863 a detachment of Lieutenant General Manyukina (7 mouths, 1 weaving, 4 guns) defeated the gang, the rebels were dispersed, some of them returned to Lublin Department. Roginskii himself was later arrested in Pinsk peasants.

In February 1863 there were rebels in the Vilna province, and in the first half of

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Colonel Gaddafi died in his hometown

Perhaps the most versatile player on the world political stage, and certainly one of its long-lived — Muammar Gaddafi, the deposed after 40 years of excessive Libya, now declared killed in the assault on the town of Sirte, his homeland and the last citadel. Event crucial to the Libyan conflict that has lasted almost the whole year.

The body of former favorite countries in the blood — the picture shakes, shot, apparently on a cell phone. This is the first real evidence that the Colonel Gaddafi dead. He, like his sons, "buried" in a time of war is already

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The rebels continued to solve the sample capture Tripoli

Libyan rebel forces moving toward the capital, Tripoli, to repeat the attempt to capture the town.

As reported by Interfax, troops Opposition left city 40 kilometers from the capital and heading towards Tripoli, where they plan to get to the coming of darkness.

The rebels are fighting a 30 kilometer from the main line of defense forces of Gaddafi. Detachment of troops fighting the opposition nearby eastern town of Az-Zawiyah near the village Dzhedaym.

In addition, as reported Vesti.ru portal quoted an official dealer of the Libyan government, Musa Ibrahim, the government of Muammar Gaddafi offers rebels world. Ibrahim also

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Favorites are not judged?

Quite a long time, U.S. and British intelligence agencies prepared a "democratic revolution" in Libya, but in the civilized world it is referred to as the municipal revolution. Because of the voluntary transfer of power and the "democratic" elections are not out of the question, it was necessary to make the case for starting the "revolution." Intelligence agencies have started to work intensively on the organization of the country's opposition to the ruling regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya itself, and beyond. Along with Libya, the same work was carried out in a number of other states Near East

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1st armored Syrian rebels

In place zatuhshemu behind win Libyan people's military-technical creativity comes close in spirit and content of the creation "Revolt of the masses" in another Arab country — Syria.

That's such an impromptu armored car Suzuki pickup truck chassis built by rebels in the Syrian town of Homs, while the opposition website reported zaman-alwsl.net argued that such machines are several. Machine even as it is written, has its own designation T-HOMS75. In bronekuzove back is 12.7 mm DShK used, apparently, in the manner of "carts". With a crew of 3 persons allegedly armored car speeds up to 80 km /

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Partisan or small war

During normal development of the guerrilla movement passes through three stages. First — the stage of defense when coming leads opponent. The second stage is characterized by the dynamic equilibrium of the parties. It was only in the third stage may be the coming of the strategic forces of the rebellion.

At first glance it seems that going through all of these steps in this order not sure, but this world is not true. In the history of pretty examples of what troops standing army for a long time could not cope with the few insurgent groups, instilling confidence

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The liberation movement Kosciuszko led to the death of Poland

March 24, 1791, a year after the Second Partition of Poland between Russia and Prussia, the public character of Poles Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Krakow solemnly declared the beginning of the liberation of anti-Russian uprising.

Relations between Russia and Poland could never be friendly name. In the crisis years gentry certainly took advantage of the situation and brutally robbed the Russian town, captured the area. In times of crisis, and the languid decadence Poland has always appealed to the Russian government for help. So stable aggressive behavior is typical for the country in question is in many centuries, and it

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The United Nations has accused the Libyan rebels in military sins

Rebel forces in Libya, opposed the government Gaddafi, UN commission charged with having committed war crimes — in general, as well as supporters of the slain dictator. According disk imaging "Associated Press", such findings have been placed in the report of the UN Commission, which journalists became clear yesterday.

The report we are talking about abductions, killings, torture and other human rights violations committed in the Libyan civilian war.

The report of the UN Commission noted that opponents of Muammar Gaddafi and the currently still illegal act against the people who once fought on the side of the former

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