Poettering I urge the opposition to choose a single candidate

Society The representatives of the Belarusian opposition has not yet decided on the procedure of nominating a single candidate from the democratic forces in the upcoming presidential election. European experts attribute this to the change in the mood of opposition politicians more pragmatic, as well as the reluctance of consolidating.In an interview to "Deutsche Welle" German expert on Belarus Sean Martin notes that the opposition is not attached to the upcoming presidential campaign of great value and more work on their image in the future. Most opposition politicians to soberly assess the situation and does not expect to win this

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Believers defending himself. Awaiting trial

Society Today Mogilev parishioners Evangelical Church protected from destruction by the fence in front of his house of prayer. Helped them and the neighbors. Administration decided to tear down the fence October district of Mogilev. By decision of the officials, the owners of the cottage, which is used as a house of worship, illegally pryvlastsili excess land.

Ninth in the morning near the house on the street burghers band, № 21, people began to gather. Attended by representatives of the district administration, public services, as well as the police. A short distance away stood ready bulldozer. Later came with

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The building of the European Council held a picket in support of political prisoners in Belarus

Society In a demonstration attended by about 30 representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Belgium and Poland, as well as Dmitry Barodka, a confidant of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov.

The protesters were carrying banners "Freedom to political prisoners", "Stop the Terror in Belarus."

The representative of the Belarusian diaspora Igor Lazarchuto announced that the next rally is planned at 13.00-15.00 European time.

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