The feat of Russian sailors in Messina

Messina is a pretty jewel in the crown of Italy. It has an ancient history — the first mention of the settlement date back to 730 BC Located on the foreshore Strait of Messina, city became not only a commercial center, and the core of the whole agricultural area specializing in growing citrus crops.

In the history of the town had a lot of events that led to his demise, but Messina recovered and flourished again. One such catastrophic event for the town was an earthquake, which occurred December 28, 1908. Participants in the rescue operation at the behest

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About the stars — without illusions

1916 Year. In suburban Fili, recognizable at first before the military council convened after Kutuzov Borodino battle begins construction of a second auto plant "Russo-Balt". After seven years of the concession to the company even when Russian authorities received a German aircraft manufacturing concern "Junkers". Of urban roads to heaven — so began the story of the coming of the municipal research and production center named Misha gallakticheskogo Vasilyevich Khrunichev.

To the stars the world's population has sought since that time, as they are considered. Chinese powder rockets, like their Indian counterparts (not denying the legends about freely

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Do not save the aviation industry — will ruin Russia

The State should, in the end, make clear its position on the future of Russian aviation industry

Before our eyes is the implementation of the death penalty Russian aviation industry. In the coming months is to be expected with headshots. There is no hesitation that the Russian elite, there are organized group that is not just criminal flegmantichna to the fate of Russian aviation industry, and the 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union is actively promoting foreign manufacturers, first "Boeing".

The main point of action of this group was the tragedy of the Yak-42 near Yaroslavl

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Russian marines have forgotten that in Tartus?

In 1999, in Pristina, our paratroopers led NATO troops to reckon with Moscow. Now it looks like it decided to repeat in Syria

In Sevastopol Bay — all hands on deck. Fuel and other supplies for emergency cargo huge amphibious ships (BDK) "Nicholas Phylchenkov" and "Caesar Kunikov", also on the salvage tug SB-15. Source Military News Agency Staff of the Navy mainly confined brief comment: campaign really is, and the "extraordinary campaign."

Right in the German town of Kiel is going to raise a large anchor landing ship "Kaliningrad" (Baltic Fleet), so just right to be there on an

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Our homeland after the elections: a review of the English press

In this review, with the theme of the presidential election, I braked on several British newspapers. The articles and notes taken to digest, I have translated only the ground. Almost all omitted. Before you — just a review. On a subject that has not yet had time to cool.


Edition: "Mirror". Publication Date: March 5, 2012, 1:01. Creator: Christopher Walker. Article: "Vladimir Putin — the devil that we know."

K. Walker observes in his own note that Putin "does not like the West, particularly the United States, and he will not compromise on major issues of foreign policy.


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Our home is on the market arms of Bahrain

Our home for the first time begins deliveries of arms to Bahrain — after France and Britain have imposed sanctions on the throne for the repression of the opposition. On this Monday, Bloomberg said, citing an unnamed source close to the Russian Defense Ministry. The source said that already a contract for the supply of Bahrain AK-103 (grenade), grenade launchers and ammunition, the price of which is estimated to be 10's of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, in February 2011, France and England forbade state producers to provide Bahrain products that can be used to suppress the unrest.

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Our homeland will build aircraft carriers?

On Wednesday, June 29 in St. Petersburg, began his work of the 5th International Maritime Defense Show. Organizer outstanding event — the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, "Rosoboronexport", the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, the City of St. Petersburg.

In his own greeting to participants salon, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, said the subsequent: "St. Petersburg is rightfully the title" Russian Sea Gate ", it is one of the main centers of Russian shipbuilding. And it is symbolic that it is here on the

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Is there a way out of the impasse of the demographic?

The demographic situation in Russia, developed over the past 20 years is alarming everyone who cares about the fate of the country. If, immediately after the collapse of the Union of Russian in the Russian Federation, there were about 148.3 million inhabitants, after the census of 2010, which, incidentally, is in many prirekany of demographers, it turned out that we, the Russians, it remains the least 143 million. In other words, the population loss of more than 5.5 million people. This is more than the current population, for example, of St. Petersburg! Such numbers are called, very few severe concern.

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The main advantage of Russian A-50

Russian analogue of the South American AWACS — is a distant radar detection aircraft A-50 located at the top of the fuselage antenna, "mushroom". Until next time, could not be inside of this huge aircraft, not to mention the fact, that delineate its equipment and take photos. But still the war correspondents were invited to Ivanovo, in part, which is based in Russian reconnaissance aircraft.

On this day, part of the celebrated its own anniversary and the Russian pilots were waiting for that they will get a new A-50 which modernization took place in Taganrog.

In appearance

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