Why did the U.S. lose more on the deal on missile defense with Russia (CBSNEWS USA)

The results of the exchange of data on the South American and Russian strategic nuclear weapons as required in accordance with the agreement, "New Start" (contract START), were released by the U.S. Department Municipal June 1. They impressively demonstrate the rightness of what the skeptics read as for months: the agreement did not bring to the United States from the standpoint of reducing the number of forces on the Russian side.

When promoting the agreement to the Senate, and the South American people, the Obama administration has argued that the "New start"Will greatly benefit from the reduction of U.S. and

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Why Our homeland is so fond of Arab despots (Strategypage.com USA)

Our homeland has used its veto power in the UN Security Council to prevent military aid to the UN Syrian opposition. This predutverzhdaet receiving assistance provided Libyan rebels. Our homeland has lost a lot of money to overthrow the Libyan dictatorship. Have not been paid billions in contracts for the already supplied weapons were also lost future implementation. In the decades, Libya was one of the great instruments of Russian customers. The new Libyan government more will not take the Russian weapons and will not repay the unpaid bills for the last delivery.

Our homeland Syria does not want

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The Russian embassy in Syria confirmed the kidnapping of Russians

Embassy Russia in Damascus confirms kidnapping of 2-Russians from the 1st of which is Russian-Syrian citizenship. A spokesman Sergei Markov, a Russian diplomatic mission said: "In the area of road Tartous-Homs were abducted by three men. One from their Russian, at the second double citizenship — Russian-Syrian, 3rd stolen — Italian citizen. "

At the current time embassy Russia in Syria decides active measures to establish the seat of the Russian ITAR-TASS news agency. All abductees are employees of the 1st of personal companies.

As earlier reported, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy released information about what the suburbs of Tartus

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Indian portfolio of orders — seven billion dollars

Moscow remains the main partner of New Delhi in military modernization and writes a meaningful contribution to the increase in the country's defense

In the town of Bangalore last week ended Air Show "Aero India 2013". The head of the delegation of Rosoboronexport Viktor Komardin knows about the prospects of the upcoming military-technical cooperation between Russia and India.

— Victor M., India is indeed a naikrupneyshim importer of Russian weapons and military equipment?

— At the current time, India — one of the largest global importer of military purpose. In turn, our home continues to be a major exporter of

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Undermine the Sergei Lavrov

More than a month has passed since the signing of the presidential decree on the release of Russian Ambassador to Qatar Vladimir Titorenko from office. And if at first it was pretty quiet event, the name of the day or on the ex-ambassador again appeared on the front pages of Russian newspapers.

It would appear that with the dismissal of Ambassador Titorenko all quite naturally. After the incident at the airport in the capital of Qatar, Doha with representatives of the Qatari security forces attack on Russian diplomat and the people it is accompanied with an outer order to

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Plot twists

Development of Russian design bureaus do not concede zabugornom

Yes, again on the amphibious assault helicopter carrier Mistral, which France imposes Russia. "But as you can?" — Begged the reader. Qs. The more that life is turning the story with new faces. Already seen that the military-technical and commercial issue of acquisition of the ship smoothly flowing into the political arena.

Here, however, mean first tension that has arisen in relations between the NATO countries. On stage, on the one hand — the Baltic States, which are strongly opposed to the Franco-Russian trade, and the United States, which would support

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Overcame a Chinook in the Indian tender?

Not so long ago, from India came the news of the end of the contest for the purchase of an attack helicopter. In the tender defeated South American Boeing AH-64D, on a number of features surpassed the Russian Mi-28N. Now, new information on the status of another one of the contest relating to the supply of helicopters, and again, the situation may be adverse to Russia. But first things first.

Last Sunday, the Indian edition of the Times Of India has published information about the future after the competition, the aim of which is to buy air forces of India

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Red Army prisoners of war in the Polish camps

Bulky volume "The soldiers in Polish captivity in 1919-1922 gg." Prepared by the Federal Archival Agency of the Russian Federation, Russian military municipal library, the Municipal Archives of the Russian Federation, Russian community archives socio-economic history and the Polish General Directorate of municipal archives based on a bilateral agreement of December 4, 2000. This is the first co-operative work of Russian and Polish historians and archivists about the fate of Red Army soldiers who fell in the Polish prisoner during the war of 1919-1920. — 85 years ago. Public enthusiasm for so davneshney dilemma revived 15 years back, is inextricably

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Another disgruntled South American Senator

Scott Brown, Sen.-Republican, expressed his dissatisfaction with the implementation of the U.S. military Russian cargo planes to supply Afghan troops.

In the Senate Committee on Armed Services held hearings on the request of the presidential administration on the activities of the Air Force in 2013 at the hearings Sen. Brown asked why the South American cargo for U.S. soldier in Afghanistan delivered to Russian aircraft (ITAR-TASS).

With this issue, he appealed to the Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, Air Force Chief of Staff and to the General Norton Schwartz. Sen. wondered, "Why do not we use their

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Troop ships of the Northern Fleet went to the Greek port of Souda

In Mon 14 January detachment of the Northern Fleet (NF) as part of a huge anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Severomorsk", a rescue tugboat "Altai" and the average sea tanker "Dubna" made a routine visit to the Greek port Court.

During the visit of Russian crew BOD acquainted with the programs of military sailors conducting anti-piracy training center in the multinational maritime special operations. Northern Fleet will exchange experience with foreign military sailors and conduct joint training on the actions of groups and Inspection release of hijacked ship.

In the course of the business of call Russian sailors will join the

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