Feat of Alexander Matrosov

Feat of Alexander Matrosov has become one of the symbols of heroism and made history majestically Russian war. But at the moment the data are presented in the heroism of the altered version. Anyone who considers himself an expert in military affairs, trying to find the facts that disprove the existence of the heroic deed of Alexander Matrosov.

I was struck by writing to one of the forums: "I have here a version that Matrosov last words were:" Fucking ice …! '". Neuzh this is not the limit of sacrilege. Now everyone tries to prove that the structure

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On the patriotism

In the near future in Russia are increasingly at the official level they say about patriotism. Further on the subject prepared special instruments to increase the degree of patriotism among the people. Meanwhile, in fact power, including the first face of the country, practice quite the opposite values. The examples do not need to go too far. This writes a newspaper column expert "New Region" for Security and Crisis Fyodor Yakovlev.

October 20 president Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On improvement of state policy in the field of patriotic education" in accordance with which the Office of the President created

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