From the history of influenza

The diagnosis of "flu" has already become a habit. Temperature rises, pouring from his nose, sore throat. Nothing is done, will have ten days to sit at home, swallowing the bitter pill and choking with milk and honey. But it's not fatal. Are you sure? Less than a hundred years ago by a flu epidemic killed nearly 40 million people. There are doctors is a sign: "If you came cold, so not far offepidemic flu ". All medical publications are beginning to publish articles on the prevention and vaccination, and the district doctor to prepare a plump pile of

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Stone balls. Where are they from?

The planet is full of unsolved mysteries, not all of which defy explanation. One of these mysteries — stone balls. First of stone balls have been discovered in the 30s, in the tropical jungle in Costa Rica. The workers, who have found these amazing stones, remember the legend of the hidden balls in gold. However, the splits balls dynamite, gold was found.

Soon balls interested scientists. The first version of the scientific world — the balls are formed, after the magma crystallized during volcanic activity. However, it soon disappeared version,

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What Lies Antarctica?

The legendary Atlantis is deprived of sleep of many scientists, but its location has not been established. Most scientists are inclined to believe that the Atlantis hides the Atlantic Ocean, but recently there was another version. Scientists sorting through the mass of evidence, we stopped at a new hypothesis — the sunken continent hides Antarctica. More precisely, Antarctica — this is Atlantis, which was destined to die.

There is a science that studies the vanished civilization. Many ancient writings are the proof that the mainland does exist, and it was

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Scientist: During the day the earth may fall some more of the same meteorite

February 15, 2013. Over the next 24-36 hours on Earth can fall a few meteorites, such as the one that fell in the Chelyabinsk region. These meteorites (and Chelyabinsk) may be particles of the "tail" of a giant meteorite with a diameter of 50 m or more, which will be flown on February 16 in dangerous proximity to the Earth. This was reported by "Rosbalt" head of the department of celestial mechanics matmeha State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia Konstantin Kholshevnikov.

According to the scientist, the experts know about the dangerous approaching the planet

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When the end of the world happen?

All scholars argue that the doomsday is imminent, another question, when did he happen? The age of the sun is not infinite, and the fuel reserves in the ground very soon runs out. For us, this is the natural and the most favorable end of the world as hydrogen, which is the wood for nuclear power, enough for millions of years …

However, there is a real danger from comets and asteroids. Near the Sun rotates them for more than two tens of thousands, many of them up to now

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Ghosts — Reality or Fiction

Ancient times, with what they characterized? That's right, witchcraft, witches, wandering souls, ghosts and other mystical stories. And our modern world than is characterized? Of course, the denial of information is non-white.

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However, many people still believe in mysticism, but scientists often take for all the nonsense and show proof.

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In the valley of the Amazon discovered unknown crater

A few years ago, scientists had conducted the expedition in Bolivia, the purpose of which was to find the crater after the fall of the asteroid.

But the study was halted, as local residents demanded for holding to their one million dollars! As the resource base of the project was only 20,000, began long negotiations. As a result, the Indians as compensation received $ 500, 200 batteries and 500 rounds of ammunition.

This incident took from researchers for a week. After that, the rains came, and the

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The exposure of the pyramid

"Nizhny Novgorod Worker", 08.10.2002, Nizhny Novgorod, n200, p.16-17

Authors: Vyacheslav Fedorov, Vladimir Alekseev

This time was to come. Its not minuesh. They say that from love to hate is only a step. In our case, there is no hatred, just until it is time exposures. Remember your childhood. You broke the toys to see how they work. Interest in them is immediately lost when you saw the mangled innards. The instinct of curiosity was satisfied.

The giant pyramid does not even know what round it raging passion. She scolded and praised, called a miracle of the last century, reduced

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50 years ago, an American neuroscientist John Lily announced that the Dolphins — one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. And as it turned out, he was right. Recently, researchers from China said that the dolphins — the descendants of aliens.

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According to the researchers, about one hundred thousand years ago, aliens unknown worlds visited our planet, seeking refuge from the space problems.

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Want to see a live dinosaur? Please 5 years.

The famous American paleontologist Jack Horner, at one time participated in the work on the film "Jurassic Park", intends to enforce cine script and create a real live dinosaur. According to scientists, there is nothing particularly complicated, and not even have to look prehistoric mosquito landed in pitch, barely drinking a dinosaur blood.

Print the ancient reptile help quite modern creation — the ones that, according to one theory, evolved from dinosaurs. We are talking about birds.

"We take as our starting point the embryo chicken and genetic

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