If Belarus to abolish death penalty?

Yesterday I was on the sentence gang Morozov. Sergei Morozov and Igor Danchenko, sentenced to death for murder, all carefully scrutinized. May be present wondered really deserve death these people, outside did not look monsters? Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty has not been abolished, or it is not a moratorium, as in Russia. More than 10 years ago Belarusians voted to retain the death penalty in a referendum. Changed since that time whether to do with this punishment? Think that the people on the streets of Minsk? "I am against, as we a democratic

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Verdict Parfiankou left unchanged

It has considered the Company's board of judges: Chairman Nazarenko with the participation Mole and Khomich.

According to the human rights organization "Spring", personally Basil Parfiankou the trial was not. His interests were represented by counsel andgar Papkovsky. In his speech, he drew the court's attention to the fact that the findings of the judge Olga Komar incorrect because in his client's no crime riots. The lawyer asked to cancel the sentence Parfiankou and stop the prosecution.

In this case, the lawyer also pointed out that the sentence appears "destruction of property", but even a civil plaintiff spoke of "property

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