Leonid Ivashov: I beheld, as the judge in The Hague

In Yugoslavia, the war was a plain clothes. Its not the Serbs unleashed. They are not the first to use a tool. Yet the Serbian people threatened total destruction, first in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And Serbs have entrusted their armed protection of Ratko Mladic. War there is war — it is always ruthless, always certain response. And on this side and on the other hand applied heavy gun.

Actually, it would be necessary to understand this, who instigated the war on civilian clothes, this inter-ethnic and inter-religious hatred. Whole West directly to the Vatican deliberately fanned the Yugoslav conflict. They

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Croatian discrepancy

At the current time, Bosnia and Herzegovina — is a confederation consisting of the autonomous government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and Brcko District neighborhood. This formation is the real "bomb" in Europe.

In 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia, which led to the brutal Bosnian war, which waged war among themselves Croats, Serbs and Slavic Muslims (Bosniaks), with the support of NATO. In the course of the war were killed, according to various estimates, between 100 and 200 thousand people, hundreds of thousands of refugees, was razed to the 2-thirds of the infrastructure

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The threat of impending crushing of Serbia

Somehow managed in recent years poutihnut situation around Kosovo and Serbia. NATO bombing of Belgrade remained in the pages of history and in the hearts of the Serbian people. The saga of separating the Serbian lands eternally ended partial recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. And what on earth this troubled Balkan happens now?

Tension began to grow again after a self-proclaimed Kosovo authorities have decided that the existence within the current borders are not a lot of them. Necessary to seize and Serb enclaves, surrounded by the territory of Kosovo. One of these enclaves is now the city

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Shooting in Macedonian

Bulgarian revolutionary Macedonian origin by order of Croatian nationalists with the blessing of the German secret service kills the Yugoslav king and the French minister of foreign affairs, and later it turns out that it was also a step to war in Russia …

"Long live the master!"

With these words, 9 October 1934 in Marseille strong black-haired man with no small bouquet broke through a police cordon and ran to the open limousine in which were sitting ruler of Yugoslavia Alexander, Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Jean-Louis Bart and General Alphonse Georges. The car barely crawling (4 km

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Srebrenica. The West fears the truth

Once a year, the so-called "international community" celebrates July 11 as a day of memory of victims of genocide, allegedly committed by Serbs against Bosniaks. As they say, "the world's media," in this day, after the fall of the town of Srebrenica, the Bosnian Serb army shot about 8 thousand civilian officials. According to the media, the actions of the Srebrenica became the most common war crime in Europe since the second world war. International Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Issued this statement of journalists for the "fact" that was later confirmed by the UN tribunal internationality. It would

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Sin without punishment: a forgotten genocide of Europe

70 years ago, in April 1941, on the political map of the world, a new government — "Independent government Croatia ". Made in the ruins of the captured German and Italian forces of Yugoslavia, a public education did not last long — just only four terrible years. Terrible for Croatia inhabited "foreigners" — Jews, Gypsies and Serbs.

The head of the country's independent Croatia was the head of constructive organization "Ustashi" Ante Pavelic. "Ustashi" were common in Eastern Europe, the inter-war period, the nationalist organization: the terrorist in their techniques (specifically the Ustashe in 1934 were killed by

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Dragoljub Zhivoinovich: The British were never Serb collaborators

Just placed a serious work of academician Dragoljub Zhivoinovicha about the events in front of Thessalonica (Nevoљni ratnitsi, with power and great Solunski front. Beograd, 2011) seriously stirred up the whole (in this case not only Serbian) modern historiography. Collected under one cover to anyone unknown documents leave no stone unturned in the still prevailing views of the allies and friends of Serbs; destroy many illusions and delusions and clearly indicate that the UK, starting from the moment of the attack of Austria-Hungary against Serbia in 1914 g (in other words, from the beginning of the First World War) led

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Hague tribunal run by the CIA and MI6

Since its founding in 1993, the internationality Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY or The Hague court) Began to receive information about the impact on his government of a number of Western countries. U.S. and British intelligence agencies had been entrusted to take the temporary tribunal under its own control and use it to the end of the collapse of Yugoslavia and Serbia — the process that began in the 90s of the last century …

The Court began punching conveyor accusations against the Serbs. Serving Western interests of Serbian rule, which came to power in October 2000, surrendered

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