Its time to get out of SShAshki

One reader, who returned to Russia after long years of living in the United States, he turned to me with a request to tell you that after all prompted him to abandon the "American Dream" and move to the continued residence in our largest, but moderate country.

I think that should give the name of the creator of the subsequent lines in secret.

Initially, the creator contacted me before the New Year, and we agreed that for 2-weeks, he will prepare a publication for the blog to what to say about what prompted him to return to Russia. But,

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Apparent death

Each year, thousands of people around the world are experiencing clinical death. Today, scientists have collected many stories of eyewitnesses who have visited "the other world".

As a result, scientists have collected more than a thousand scientific evidence that life continues after death. After the death of someone sees a nice soft light, and at the same time experiencing happiness and peace. However, fixed enough when people get into the world of darkness, chaos and horror.

If you believe the religious legends, the hell is a terrible place after death for

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Alien Implants

From time to time in the bodies of different people who are victims of alien abductions, find objects implanted foreign origin. The implants are made of materials that are in the world to do, and the technologies that are used in their creation are simply not known. However, these implants are almost indestructible. It implants come in third place among the most important evidence that aliens visited our land.

After meeting with the aliens you have broken shower? Not a problem! After all, here you can call the repairman showers. By the way, the

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The space for the soul

It is a space for discussion of music and poetry, film and literature, and all that is associated with the soul and the body. It is for those who are lonely at heart, or no one to talk to, throw out the accumulated emotions. To speak, or that either ask for various intimate or other issues when no longer ask who or ashamed. Space for those who are looking for their other half or soul mate. Space for discussions about life and love …

These words do not belongs to me, ie I do not write them. But

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Boris Khmelnitsky. Arrow in the heart of Robin Hood Full Movie

He never loved public scandals, although adored with all my heart for a walk with friends, could not stand "yellowish press," and glossy magazines with details of his own novels and divorces. He cooperated inside many talents: actor, musician, composer, singer, a loyal friend and a loving father. Lord measured out his considerable talent and breathtakingly colorful life. He was not the "star" of the first plan, but he knew everything. He was a knight not only on the stage and in life. Loved from the heart, walked away from the heart, played to the last ruble and the

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