We offer two cards, which marked almost all the lines, signs and features displayed on the surfaces of the hands and endowed with meaning.

No two hands. Nevertheless, we can map the lines of the hand, which we will follow in the course of the study and interpretation of personality. Of course, the map and the territory — are two different things. That is why we want to stress once again that every hand is unique. Not always on the palms can be found all the signs, the exact location of which is marked on the proposed figures. In

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Magic money

Many researchers believe that all of the money, without exception, are equipped with magical characters that are capable of a variety of ways to influence people. Ph.D. in history assured that the coins are always portrayed magical signs, and with the advent of paper money that tradition is not lost. For example, a banknote one dollar bore the image of Masonic symbols.

At the very dawn of civilization, played the role of money-shells, skins of fur-bearing animals, livestock, as well as chopped pieces of gold and silver. But in the

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Runes. Ancestral Heritage

Increasingly, modern man seeks advice from the ancient forces, as our ancestors did generations ago. And, oddly enough, finds answers to the deepest questions: what is beyond our understanding, wise giving tips and showing the right direction.

Runes found interesting, but just can not see that they painted? Then, folding magnifying glass is useful to you, with which you can easily read the writing on the runes.

Runes — these are small symbols, signs, with which you can speak to the gods. Originally they are from Scandinavia,

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