Blooming gardens Kulunda steppe

Kulundinskie steppes are known for high yields, but less well known here and enemies of crops — dry winds, against which the collective and state farms lay shelterbelts.

Tree saplings of forest trees for this purpose grow Chistoozernoe plodopitomnichesky farm, Novosibirsk region. Initially, it was nursery. But since 1948 its staff grow trees of fruit crops. They reasoned: if there are growing elm and maple, why can not bloom and bear fruit apple tree?

Enthusiasts were among workers and professionals. Agronomists Koenig MD and ND Romanenko gave new cause of all the free time. Many have made tireless hands of

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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed to reduce the price of expert services to small and medium businesses

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed to analyze the price of expert services to small and medium-sized businesses.

— I would like to prosecutors and the Audit Office looked at the prices for this kind of expertise and brought them into line with the market, rather than to the needs of certain institutional structures, — the president said at a meeting on reduction of administrative barriers for subjects small and medium enterprises, on 5 August 2009 in Zvenigorod.

So the president has reacted to the information that the heads of small businesses, such as bakeries, have to buy «indulgence for

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NTTM-82: Every year more boldly!

The current exhibition NTTM-82 tenth, and her ten thousand exhibits. Essentially, this is the fruit of the work of young people 86 ministries and departments of our country. For the first time at the exhibition reflected the creativity of young people of all the Union republics. More than forty percent of the exhibits (six thousand) is protected by copyright certificates or patented abroad. Some of the new items will interest any reader. For example, the latest model car «Zhiguli- 2108», on which the Wankel engine, or a bio-heart valve prosthesis, or scrubber Experimental Design Institute of Municipal Engineering ,.

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Georgian gray mountain bee in its economically useful traits are the best in the world.

In recent years, in large quantities exported from Georgia and are increasingly being used in various parts of the Soviet Union to improve the quality of local breeds, cross-breeding and industrial development of new breeding and breed groups of bees. Every year the demand for Georgian foreign bee among beekeepers. In 1963, the republic sr sent over 15 thousand breeding ewes and 3000 packages.

In addition regions of the Soviet Union, the uterus and the packages were sent to more than 30 foreign countries, including

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Tan and breast cancer

Sunny light has beneficial effects on the skin and metabolic processes in the human body — contributes to the formation and accumulation of vitamin D, necessary for the growth and regeneration of bone and ligaments. The sun's light and heat is stimulation of endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary, ovaries), and the normalization of metabolic processes, improving immunity, stimulation of melanin production in the skin (brown color).

However sunny Light and heat can have a devastating impact on the human body. With strong exposure to sunlight and heat is produced in the skin burn, prolonged exposure to the sun without

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Why not judge the favorites? Again on military sins second world

We love to judge. Each on its own level. Just because it is inherent in human nature. See for yourself and others that you also have a world view, you can assess the relevant facts, and so on. But soon I'm often confronted with trying to judge our past. And these samples, and faster, attempts to cause disgust for its content. And I will try to give his assessment of certain facts.

So, on September 2 ended the second global war. It was naturally as favorites and losers. And, accordingly, immediately after graduation, first began to judge the latter. There

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The U.S. Embassy in Estonia condemned the Soviet Union for the bombing of the Nazis

South American diplomats operating in Estonia, are convinced that bombing in September 1944, Russian aircraft of Nazi-occupied Tallinn had no significant military effect, but has at the same time, the cause of unnecessary civilian casualties in the middle. It is reported by the Russian community in Estonia portal "Baltija".

This meaning of the message, posted on the official website of the South American diplomatic mission in Estonia, on the anniversary of the March Allied air raid on the U.S. anti-Hitler coalition, which killed, including civilians, and the inhabitants of the capital of Estonia.

"This is remarkable as aviareyd by

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The exploits of the Russian God of War — Sviatoslav

The stately Prince Svyatoslav — this is one of the brightest figures of rich Russian history, unfortunately, almost forgotten by our government and the official historiography. If the other person, who made a great contribution to the development of Russian civilization, such as Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin, often watered mucky, then decided to keep silent about Svyatoslav, was subjected to oblivion. Apparently, not to stir things past days, a lot of painful issues can swim out of that watershed era — about the Khazar Khaganate, Judaism, rahdonitah, the Christianization of Rus', its consequences, Byzantium and Rome, destroyed civilization

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Feat Marinesko and disaster Gustloff

January 30, 1945 the submarine "S-13" by the command of Alexander Marinesco sank the German ship "Wilhelm Gustloff". According to various reports then lost from 4 to 8 thousand people. Until now, it's the worst maritime tragedy. Why Marinesko not given the title of Hero Sovestskogo Union and whether the feat of his crew really exploit either on board were civilians Germany?

We turn first to the official Russian sources:

"Submarine" C-13 "under the command of Captain 3rd Rank A.I.Marinesko January 30, 1945 sank to the north-west of the Bay of Danzig German ship" Wilhelm Gustloff "with a

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Plan? With regard to aid Syria

Offer General Kanchukova about using Syria has generated intense discussion. Some people supported him, some people want to adjust, some people completely forsaken.It seemed to me, not all participants in the debate have calculated the implementation itself proposals and the likely consequences.

Turn away from offers general:— frisky passage of legislation on private military companies— concluded between the President Syria Bashar al-Assad and President of PMC contract for assistance Syrian army to neutralize terrorist and illegal armed groups and provide armed assistance in the fight against the aggressors and invaders on the ground Syria— adopt the most advanced standards

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