19 Weeks Pregnant


With the advent of the stomach begins to change your posture, which may affect back pain and worsening of sleep. Try not to strain your back, wear shoes with a low, stable heel, get a special bandage. In the second trimester may occur anemia (low hemoglobin levels in the blood), nasal congestion, and even nosebleeds (due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood), leucorrhea (separation of cables of the vagina). But do not be frightened in advance and look at the sores, tune in a positive way and easy pregnancy.



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Punishment non-peaceful Persia — a campaign in 1796

The article How Our homeland rescued Georgia from Persia, it was noted that in 1796, Our homeland has organized a campaign against the Persian empire. This military operation, it must be said, one of the glittering Russian military campaigns, is the real "white spot" for the people of — in the school course of it is not even mentioned, but in this war handbills universities, as well as theme of the Caucasian wars of, illuminated not enough and not many.

The army led by Valerian Aleksandrovich Zubov (1771 — 1804) — Brother winner Catherine II. Warlord was only

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Why treat your teeth so expensive?

The more "expensive" dentistry is different from the "cheap"? Is it possible to save on dental services and is it worth? What are the components included in the cost of dental treatment? These and other questions answered readers MedNovostey created a network of dental clinics, "Dr. Martin," Honored Worker of Health in Moscow, PhD Martiros Sargsyan.


The imposition of unnecessary services — this is a common problem in dentistry? In a Moscow clinic, I was advised to put the seal on almost a dozen teeth. Did not object, but also the time to do it

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In defiance of fate

Peter Y. Zubov

In autumn 1939, when the German army for several weeks defeated and occupied Poland of the pans, turning it to the General Government, in the hands of Russian intelligence were last resident of Polish intelligence in Berlin, Colonel Stanislav Sosnowski and provided a Polish aristocrat Prince Janusz Radziwill, who had a vast communications circles of the English nobility. Both Poles who failed to emigrate, were taken to the Lubyanka to their active development and the likely recruitment.

As a developer of Poles made active scout Peter Zubov, who was arrested and thrown in jail in 1938 on

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