This is the story of Hannibal relationship and Will Graham. Will — a gifted FBI, which is investigating the most complex brilliantly crime due to its unique ability to put yourself in the place of the criminal, think and feel as he does. My character is intended to help them understand their own world and become a conductor on hard service. As you know, for my hero such work is akin to march into the shop for a small child. In general, these relations — a complicated and entertaining game. Will is very interesting to Hannibal, he finds Graham

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End quote: 08.09.2007 — 14.09.2007

"Battle of Orsha continues."Paul Seviarynets politician, last political prisoner — on the detention of about Krapivensky field participants celebrating the 493rd anniversary of the Battle of Orsha. "The Belarusian authorities have expressed great sympathy for countries where apparently supported terrorism. But it is not for love of terrorism as such. Simply adslanivshy themselves from the civilized world, their is no other choice to break the siege of isolation … But pretty soon they saw that being in isolation is not very comfortable and psychologically, not explain that the electorate. Because had to find friends in historical terms the political resources,

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F.Aksentsav: I failed to preserve inner freedom, and therefore left

"Rusted Days":Znatkevich: "When you started with the" Ulysses "when you wrote these texts, you made them immediately with the idea of a song, the melody, the rhythm — or they were created separately, first?"Aksentsav: "All the songs began with a musical theme, the most — those Slavin as music — art, in general, more abstract for poetry, and it was a very natural way — start the song out of tune."Znatkevich: "In other words, you first listened to some theme music, and later on her own text already done?"Aksentsav: "It was a little difficult at first appeared as topics that

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The position of the West will affect those who join Moscow

SousPresident Dmitry Medvedev signed decrees recognizing the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia despite calls favorites western states and the U.S. According to the views of Moscow, the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia must recognize and Minsk. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has remained silent on this issue. Emperor Andrew, do you think that if Belarus recognizes the right for Russia the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia? Or will behave in this matter as a close ally of the Russian Federation? Given the fact that Belarus is now striving to do better their business with the West — as

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For what you did so energetically promoting Seltzer?

Prince"Our G., Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili as going over a few spikelets imprisoning people. G., you’re last wasand on his own native land! Look at what is happening in the agro-town "Alexandria". Burned 900 tons of hay. Nothing terrible! MOE came even did not extinguish. Garden laid on 200 hectares. Prakultyvavali together with apple trees, 5 acres with a fence. Nothing terrible. In Kopys Tipo passed local battles: destroyed all the factories, no one takes out. Cost woodworking shop — no materials. So it on your small home, where oversees all National Bank head Pyotr Prokopovich. "Call the listener comments Grigory

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Participants of the meeting businessmen appealed to Lukashenko

Bangalore Square entrepreneurs gathered from Minsk, Gomel, Vitebsk, Brest and other cities.They were holding banners and placards "With these laws, as now, employers will no pants", "Toddlers personal business — traders and kids ministers — ministers?", "Down with discrimination on the home signs!".Entrepreneurs made for the abolition of the provisions of Presidential Decree number 760, which allows the beginning of the new year to hire only relatives.Chairman of the "Perspectives" Anatoly Shumchanka read the resolution of the meeting:"Translation Company business in private unitary enterprises absolutely failed. Only 5% of individual entrepreneurs have decided to use the proposed scheme.This is an

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Public editor week — Daria Fox

Daria — optimist:— … So it was that I was wheelchair-bound. But it does not define my life — absolutely little update it. I — a man with illumine. Accordingly, the little cynic (vuchusyaL).— What do you like?— Books, music, coffee … Obviously, the Belarusian rock. And in the first place — their relatives.— Your dreams?— 1: wagon with automatic control to move freely in space; 2: behold Paris (and live daleyJ), stroll streets of Vilnius, 3: a job that will help fulfill items 1 and 2.Very anxious to write his book of short stories and see the Baltic Sea.

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Wreath Memory: Oleg Bebenin

Society Oleg Bebenin was born in 1974 in the Russian military prosecutor in the family. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of BSU. And immediately went to work in the independent press — in the "Belarusian business newspaper", and then — in the newly formed newspaper "Name". Recalls colleague journalist Oleg Natalia Radin:

"Oleg Bebenin was not only my colleagues, he was my friend and my teacher. When 17-year-old girl I came to the newspaper" Name ", where Oleg Bebenin worked as deputy chief editor, it was he who taught me the basics of journalism. With great patience, with

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Anti-gravity platform VS Grebennikova. Continued part 9

It seems, though Grebennikov and banned to publish a description, but nevertheless, he tried to deceit (publishers) and hints to convey to the reader the basis of his invention (because in 90 years he would like to talk about it around the world, and only ill in the 2000s — has become squeezed information, considering it dangerous to the health of others). Interesting Old tossed Sib: The museum is open. It is located in the Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture and chemicals used in agriculture (Agricultural Sciences). Just received a response from the travel agency that organizes trips

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When the court of 30, then in the cabin trolley 35. It's a madhouse …

Society In Belarus continue to tolerate the heat wave: According to weather forecasts, the temperature these days reach 39 degrees. How to escape from the heat of the citizens of Minsk?

Reporter "As you are saved from the heat? Does your place of work adapted to such conditions?"Woman: "At work we are doing well, there is air conditioning. And I like the heat — this is my climate."

Man: "It is very difficult, because, like everyone else, we are working without air conditioning and try to survive as a whole: more drink of cold water."Girl: "For me, the heat —

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