Dmitry Uss: I go to the square to make a difference

Society Presidential candidate Dmitry Uss refused to vote in protest against unfair elections and attitudes towards the current head of the country. Here's what he said, "Freedom":

"I'm not going to vote due to the fact that the president does not consider other presidential candidates for people and never even responded to our requests. He does not think of the people and voters for his people — and all executive committees.

If the election is made under one person without our participation, if the vote count is conducted, respectively, and the issue of early voting is not very decent,

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Solidarity Day — meeting at Liberty Square

Society On joint participation in the Day of Solidarity, in conjunction with him a meeting with voters, said two presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov. At this time, the traditional gathering place changed: protesters gather not at October Square in Minsk, and Liberty Square.And this arrangement will remain relevant, says chief of staff of Andrei Sannikov Vladimir Kobets:

"Since the beginning was a contract with Sannikov Nyaklyaeu. This agreement is valid, and this is the Day of Solidarity with voters. As for the other candidates, we hope that they will also be at this meeting."

On participation in

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Regional Day of candidates

Society Today, all the presidential candidates were in the regions. They left the capital and went to a meeting with voters.

For the presidential candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk and its proxies trip to Gomel region almost ended in tragedy. On the road from Gomel in Rahačoŭ their car was in an accident, says the chairman of the party Anatoly Lebedko:

"On the highway Minsk-Gomel, near the turn to Buda-Koshelevo car" Audi ", which stood on the sidelines, suddenly began to maneuver with the departure of the road. "Volkswagen", which drove the team Romanchuk, had a

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Romanchuk has had an accident

Society The car with the presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk got in an accident. As BelaPAN Yaroslav Romanchuk, the accident occurred on December 11 and 9:55 on the road from Gomel in Rogachev.

Romanchuk"It happened about 40 km from Rogacheva, near the turning to Buda-Koshelevo."

The circumstances of the accident, according to He said, "There were a few strange":

"Suddenly, right in front of the car in which I was riding," Audi A3 "," standing at the curb, left the roadway and began to make a turn. We encountered almost head-on. Thank God, the airbag system in our car.

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Routes candidates Logoysk Mozyr, Asipovičy. And Brussels

Society Yaroslav Romanchuk was preparing to speak at the television. Dmitry Uss went to Baranavičy with Nikolai Statkevich. Andrei Sannikov met with reporters in Minsk. What were the presidential candidates and their representatives on December 2?

November 2 Yaroslav Romanchuk speaks at the Belarusian TV and so devoted all his spare time preparing this speech. It will be again a story about the program, or the performance will be dedicated to the analysis of the current situation in the country?

"This is a very different projection that does not repeat the previous one, but rather a complement. But again

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Will the CEC due to frost campaigning under the ground?

Society Part of the presidential candidates spent today traveling around Russia and abroad, the second part of preparing for presentations and meetings.

This morning at the Minsk railway station police detained trustees Vladimir Neklyaeva — Alexander Fyaduta andOleg Snowstorm, who returned from Moscow. There they were preparing a presentation of the book by Vladimir Neklyaeva "Window." Commenting on these actions of the police, Nyaklyayeu said:

"Our plan trustees were to find evidence of funding Lukashenko, Vladimir Neklyaeva in the Russian Federation. Today, the car in which they were traveling, there were representatives of the secret services, told everyone in the

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Gomel: Meetings with voters — under control

Society Gomel City Executive Committee has identified a special decision of places for meetings with presidential candidates and placement of campaign materials during the current election campaign.

Meet the candidates and their agents outside the walls of the premises sample Navabelitski district could in one place — on-site recreation "Ponds". You can hold meetings, organize pickets.

In the central region of the two places. In most major areas — Railway and the Soviet, where he lives more than 300,000 residents — already three such places.

The decision of the authorities of Gomel says the chairman of the regional branch

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