Multiple pregnancy may be associated with a number of difficulties. However, should not be afraid — if early diagnosis and proper conduct of all its problems can be resolved.

Problem 1. Miscarriage

The most common complication of multiple pregnancy is considered to be her miscarriage. The gestation period is directly dependent on the number of fruit: in the case of twins — the average is 36-37 weeks with triplets — 34-35 weeks. The trigger mechanism of labor is overstretching of the uterus because of a large number of fruits, and also due to polyhydramnios, often appearing in such

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In Europe, to discuss sanctions against Belarus

Society EU foreign ministers are expected to discuss next week a document on economic sanctions against Belarus, prepared by EU diplomatic service. This is the agency Delfi, with reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

The report of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, however, there are concerns Vilnius against these measures.

"At primarily need to set goals such measures, modality and their possible impact. It is also necessary to provide and review their cases, if the situation in Belarus will change "- the document says.

Vilnius also "does not approve of the economic sanctions, which may be affected by

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Structural studies of deposit transactions in foreign currencies are carried out between counterparties and related markets

Greetings to you my dear readers, is now in the court on May 14 2010goda. The topic of our conversation today will be linked to money markets adjacent to their markets and markets in general. But before we begin our conversation to ask you to put aside all the announced first week of the transaction, because they are all canceled due to the fact that the dollar has increased the growth of the spectrum, as expected even first week. And also another aspect, close the open trade in the euro, which has brought us even if not huge, but

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Change wife (Ukraine) Watch online

We offer are popular reality TV show "Change wife," presented by Ukrainian channel 1 +1. The essence of the show is to share the experience of spouses and family life. Families who have been casting and began role in the project, will have to spend a week with the newest mother and wife. The first day or three brand new mother should live by the rules of the institution in the family, in which she got, but the next day or three, shall have the right to organize their own rules and try to change the fact that she

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Fighter ruined brand new form of Yudashkin

At the moment, the military prosecutor's office understands why more than 60 fighter came to the hospital with pneumonia.

13 December on the Web appeared scandalous news: Yurginskaya military unit from 150 to 250 fighter catered for hospital beds because of recent form which has developed a recognizable fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.

— Yudashkin at anything. This is all speculation. Mass hospitalization fighter no, — commented the situation assistant for public relations and media Commander 41st Army Yuri Sivokhin. — Yes, to be ill about hundreds of people, but this is a seasonal surge of colds. In addition, because

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Wife of Vladimir Neklyaeva interrogated by the KGB

Society Relatives of the prisoners complained to prosecutors that their letters disappear in the KGB. Anastasia Palazhanka teaches sukamernitsam Belarusian. Why Khalip not suitable even to the window? February 14 by the KGB in the second half of the day was interrogated Olga Nyaklyaeu. Wife of ex-candidate for the presidency of Vladimir Neklyaeva summoned for questioning last week, but then Olga fell ill and suffered interrogation. Going to the KGB, Olga said she did not know what may question her. She also said that in the case of Vladimir is no news.

Unchanged in the wife of Andrei Sannikov

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Egipet: poly requirements give way to economic

Society Egyptian political revolution, after the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak last week, has given rise to a series of economic strikes and protests among workers who began to express dissatisfaction with working conditions and demand an end to corruption.

Hundreds of workers rallied today in front of the Bank of Alexandria in Cairo, demanding the resignation of its CEO.

In other parts of the Egyptian capital, there were rallies and public transport workers of the State Committee for Youth Affairs and Sports.

One hundred and fifty tourism workers demanded higher wages in the shadow of the great pyramids of

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Naughty Mommy

Society is always fun to watch as they both use the same facts and figures to support his opinion. Thus, the official sources of information are proud to say that the country is growing every year fertility rate. A grieving independent media that the index is still too low.

Among all these figures is not only one interpreted in different ways, in Belarus, about twenty-six thousand children have no parents of parental care. In the vast majority of these kids will never be a mother, which make up songs, poems, paint pictures. A well-known fact that in the richest countries

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