The female orgasm

Since the time of the sexual revolution in Europe, men have been paying great attention to the presence of orgasm for your partner, seeing it as one of his main evidence of male.

However, in Russia, all is not so rosy: according to surveys of our compatriots, among our male dominated sexual selfish. Some women have to wait many years to orgasm, or to put it in medical terms, the rhythmic contraction of the muscles of genitals, occurring at the time of the outflow of blood from them at the climax of sexual intercourse.

Types of Female

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All people eventually grow old and faced with the challenge of menopause.

By about age 50, metabolism slows down production of sex hormones (for women — women and men, respectively, for men) decreases, cell renewal slows down, there are diseases and problems that youth are rare or do not occur at all.

Most suffer from symptoms of menopause the fair sex. Poor health, "tides", sweating, pressure drops, heart palpitations — this condition may last for quite a long time. Constant lack of female sex hormones contributes to the development of osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, urinary incontinence, genital prolapse etc.


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Sex after childbirth

Of course, to become a mother — that's fine. But if you remember that, becoming the mother, you have not ceased to be a woman? Beautiful, loved and cherished?

Many women claim that making love for the first time after giving birth were similar to the "very first time."

There are a lucky women in the world that are still in the hospital dreaming about how they will be engaged in sex again. And, characteristically, shortly successfully embody their dreams into reality. But such, alas, quite a bit. Statistics say that about 50% of new mothers have

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Cytomegalovirus infection

Cytomegalovirus disease — a disease that is transmitted sexually, through saliva, breast milk during pregnancy (mother to child), through a common washcloth, towel, dishes, etc. By the end of his life living with the virus is almost one hundred percent of the people. In most cases, it does not manifest itself, but with lowered immunity is activated and causes disease. The virus may begin to act in any part of the body, so clear symptoms of infection have not.

It is impossible to eradicate the virus, you can only reduce its activity. Pay particular attention to the virus

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What is an Ectopic Pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy — abnormal pregnancy, which poses a serious threat to the woman's life and requires emergency gynecologist. Rather than develop as expected, in the uterus, the fertilized egg develops outside. Most (99% of cases) is fixed in the Fallopian tube, but may be in the ovaries, and in the abdominal cavity. About 1-2% Of all pregnancies (including IVF) are ectopic.

Unfortunately, to independently determine that the developing pregnancy is not normal, it is impossible. As with a normal pregnancy, ectopic is delayed menstruation, felt the changes in the mammary glands, sometimes there is a slight nausea, possible rejection

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Chance for Motherhood

Infertility, both women and men — one of the most important medical problems of modern society. Statistics disappointing: about 60-80 million people in the world can not have children. In Russia this is a problem for every 5 couples. But even in such a difficult situation, you can find a way out. Today, the most effective treatment for male and female infertility in vitro fertilization — IVF. "Extracorporeal" translated from Latin means "outside the body", which explains the essence of technology — fertilization and early stages of embryo development take place in a test tube, and then after

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Our home can take the example of Israel in terms of a set of ladies in the army

Russian lawmakers can use the experience of the Israeli army in the implementation of the idea of volunteerism call will give the military, told reporters on Tuesday, State Duma deputy from the "Fair of the Russian Federation" Tatiana Moskalkova.

"The Israeli army virgins are allowed to go home for the night. Days of the service, in the evening — in the family. Usual experience that can be applied," — explained Moskalkova.

She noted that women will not be allowed to go home only during field collections, or in extreme situations.

Moskalkova added that "the girls, which will be held

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