Baba Yaga and C °

It is time to consider another character of fairy tales — Baba Yaga (in previous articles, we talked about the Serpent Dragon). The image of this ugly old witch has recently attracted the attention of the writer and researcher Yu Rostsiusa, aspoznavshego it features extra-terrestrial beings. As described in fairy tales, Baba Yaga? This is an extremely unsympathetic old witch that can only cause disgust:

 "… On the stove is Baba Yaga — leg bone, nose rooted in

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Breast Cancer: you need to know about it

Breast cancer — a growing problem in Russia. Every year in our country registered more than 50,000 new cases of the disease, and in the future this number will increase. In the arsenal of modern medicine is an effective means to deal with malignant tumors of the breast, but they must be applied in a timely manner. On how the modern approach to this problem can save women's lives and reduce the number of FGM, told MedNovostyam corresponding member of Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science, Professor, Director of the Cancer Research Institute. NN Petrova Vladimir Fedorovich

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Plastic and polyethylene — need a beard for a woman?

It's no secret that made of plastic and polyethylene containers and food packages are harmful, because in developed countries, they are rejected, not only because of their long period of decay, after disposal. Why not use the products of the chemical industry? The more they threaten you and your children? One example — the study of scientists in England who tied the growth of beards and women in daily use plastic utensils!

They found that all of the fairer sex action of the adrenal glands had been violated. By pathological

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Phase of the menstrual cycle and female sex hormones

Menstrual cycle — it changes in a woman's genital area approximately equal intervals. The biological purpose of the menstrual cycle — preparation of the woman's body for a possible pregnancy.

What is the length of the menstrual cycle?

The normal length of the menstrual cycle is 21 to 35 days. Menstrual cycle begins counting from the first day of bleeding.

The phases of the menstrual cycle and hormones, their regulatory

The menstrual cycle is divided into two phases, between which ovulation occurs.

The first phase is called the follicular. It is in this phase of developing follicle

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What is contraception?

Capacity to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy in today's society a lot, so it's best to think about this in advance to avoid such a physically and psychologically traumatic procedures as a medical abortion.

Historically, that the burden of contraception shouldered the woman. However, in recent years actively developed and methods of male contraception, but so far they are not widespread.

What happens? Coitus interruptus. The best known method of contraception, when the man removes his penis from the vagina before the eruption of the seed. It is preferred by many couples because of the apparent ease of

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To fall was gold

It is believed that a woman as old as she feels. No matter how flawless appearance, and headaches and palpitations, changes in blood pressure and sudden hot flashes make you think. Most women over 45 years of experience discomfort caused by changes in hormonal levels.

Despite the unpleasant symptoms, menopause — the natural state of the body. It starts with pre-menopausal menopause, when the body has enough estrogen — the hormones that prepare the uterus for pregnancy, but it is not enough progestin responsible for menstruation. As a result, the change cycle periods become irregular, intermittent,

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Prazdnichek spring, love and beauty

In our days are, for sure, a lot of people do not remember the story of the appearance is that of prazdnichka, as the Eighth of March. It remains quite a little before the days when crowds of men will besiege flower shops, greedy flowers all in a row, to the last sprigs of mimosa. Romantic prazdnichek, when not only the men, and the ladies buy gifts, trying to amuse each other small souvenirs.

The history of celebrating this day or, which still referred to as "Women's Day" began in 1857 in New York, when the textile industry factory workers

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Cutwork embroidery or mysterious queen!

What lady No dreams become Queen! Image stately lady always liked pretty half. Perhaps the main component types are enchanting grace, sanctuary and greatness. First lady has long paid much attention to their own wardrobe. Beaded collars, embroidered sleeves make irresistible lady. "Royal" outfits, unfortunately, have a number of shortcomings, they are not comfortable. For the modern lady is very essential. The benefit of modern designers do not sleep and have developed a line of universal odezhki, which combines within itself the romance and practicality. So, down with feminism and masculine suits. Let's make out the latest collections of

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