Inhabitant of Grodno on European march certainly I’m going — and at their own expense

Man: "Certainly, I know, since this is already quite long they say and write. ‘M positive, as for me it’s association with the direction towards Europe with the accession to the European Union, the European values. This direction can bring a lot of useful Belarus and I support the efforts of all who do it. "Woman: "No, I do not have any infy about it."Young Man: "Oh, it’s rand-party in" Madison "rand-party …"Woman: "beheld stickers in town: October 14, October Square,"European march".Woman: "No, I know nothing."Man: "It’s just a plus. Europe — it’s great. I only march!"Young Man: "No, I

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2 Weeks Pregnant


The end of the second and beginning of the third week — the most suitable period for meeting the egg with the sperm. Some women may even feel ovulation (sometimes — in the form of a small cutting pain in the abdomen, is also changing the nature of vaginal discharge — they are heavy, thick, stringy, translucent, resembling egg whites). In addition, you can learn about ovulation by measuring the rectal temperature (ie the temperature in the rectum).


Egg is a sphere, its diameter 120-150 mm. She is able to conceive within two days.

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Grodno: The main thing that all lived peacefully

Woman: "I think that very principledI problem — the globalized world. In Germany at the moment is opposed by young people from all over Europe. I joined them. "Man: "The problem of terrorism. Oddly look announcements, you will certainly post about how someone or put a bomb blew up. I myself work on the steel road and perfectly know how we enclose a bomb. And what are they doing .. . "Woman: "The problem of the lack of peace and war. Therefore that at the moment many states are in a state of enmity, and quite quite a lot to

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Lukashenka finished navigate streets by title

Listen:Man: "I live in Minsk much, and if, say, I was trained in Park line, then I’m used to and I This time call it the backbone of Park. Later Masherova and currently renamed again. For me, this park highway, even though renamed 10 times. " Reporter: "It was easy to get used to?"Woman: "It’s difficult, of course. Once accustomed to the 1st here, and here …"Another woman: "In general, it is our heritage. If we knew from childhood names of these streets under such names is hard to run across to the other."Another woman: "I do not particularly adapted

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Painless childbirth: the experience of our ancestors

Since ancient times, mankind has tried to find ways to mute the pain during childbirth. This painful process lasted for centuries. And there are interesting views of different people.

For example, in Russia pains were considered evil, and were perceived as spoilage by sending other people, or as a punishment coming from supernatural forces. This is where it was scope for violent fantasies of various wizards and sorcerers. In Ethiopia, and to this day the special woman in labor entwine colorful cloth to ward off evil spirits from her.


Ether anesthesia was first used for labor pain

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Pregnancy and women’s health

In the arsenal of any woman giving birth or planning to have children, there are stories about how pregnancy and childbirth affect the mother's health and beauty. Some say that during pregnancy, the skin becomes smooth and clean, the hair — lush and shiny breasts takes great shape, added strength, resistance to various infections increases dramatically. Others complain of increased hair loss, dark spots on the face, stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, fatigue, depression, worsening of existing diseases. These "contradictions" clearly require explanation. What is a pregnancy? Serious illness, consuming energy and health, or the flourishing of

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Pregnancy: unplanned but welcome

The life of the modern woman does not provide surprises. The girls at school know the algorithm of actions: to get an education, find a job, buy a car, get married, have … Stop, stop, flat … Find an apartment, make repairs, have a baby. Of course, before you get pregnant, you need to think very hard, save money, quit smoking, do aerobics, examined by a gynecologist — and that's when …

However, as the statistics show, in real life, only about half of pregnancies are planned. Women who discovers that his "family way", come into confusion. To have

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What lures in a possible partner?

Most of the conclusions seemed completely long awaited. For example, what is man, that intrigue, attract lady must be rich, powerful, intelligent and happy, and the more presentable lady, on account of which claims this guy, the more important it these reasons. Study «Daily Telegraph» showed that one of the big differences between the men and the ladies — in relation to the importance of monetary resources. Money available to approximately 50 percent more principled for ladies than for boys. Bit smaller, but, yet, big gap — in assessing career ambitions: to give essentially, that the man they were the

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What's going on?

Vaginismus — Spasmodic reflex contraction of the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, which makes it difficult sexual intercourse or pelvic examination and accompanied by pain. Vaginismus suffer 3-4% of young women.

We can distinguish three degrees of vaginismus:

Grade I — the reaction occurs in the vagina or penis tool during a gynecological examination;

Grade II — reaction occurs when touching the genitals, or while waiting for the touch;

III degree— The reaction occurs at a representation of the sexual intercourse or pelvic examination.


Vaginismus divided into true and false. The causes of

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Your slimming man

Thousands of articles have been written on how to lose weight women. A little less — about how to lose weight men. And what should a woman whose man decided on such an ordeal as weight loss? How to motivate men who have excess weight, how to maintain it during a severe and prolonged struggle with pounds, how to help after weight loss. These and other questions are answeredMariyatMukhina, physician acupuncturist, MD and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.

Usually men women later realize that it is time

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