WORK behest of the soul

Our acquaintance with the retired lieutenant colonel Victor Andrianov took place in the office of the executive secretary of the Council of the All-Russian public organization of veterans of the Armed Forces of Russia Nikolai Royanova. The meeting was in full swing. We are finalizing plans to participate in activities in connection with the preparation for the celebration of the anniversary of the Victory Day. It was necessary to take into account many important details, coordinate their actions with respect to time, the number of participants. Among others at the table I saw a man studying plans and schedules carefully

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Just E3

And here on this huge festival, it seems to us one was not up to fun. We do not play games, we do not drink soda Freestuff, we’re not going Fennec — we worked. With a backpack full of magazines (as a gift to our favorite companies and familiar to developers), with bags packed full demo disks and folders with information about new games, we crept from stand to stand and, like sponges, absorb the information, now to throw it for you, dear readers, rugged and muddy stream.

First I have to tell you how, by whom and why it

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UPDATE apiaries

Stepan A. Shchelkunov recently come to the apiary Lenin collective farm, Yegoryevsky area. Former chairman of the village council brought here a long-standing love for the profession beekeeper. Work with the bees, he began on a tiny gardening apiary, he graduated from the one-year school beekeepers and now Schelkuchov SA — head of the collective farm beekeeping farm in the 192 family (in the apiary has two employees).

Fortunately for the beekeeper, his first season, the summer of 1961, turned out to be favorable for honey collection. However, cases in the apiary has been a great deal: a lot

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New Amazon

Written by — Juliusz Machulski, IOLANTA Hartwig Paul Gaina director — Juliusz Machulski operator — Jerzy LUKASHEVICH artist — JANUSZ Sosnowski composer — HENRIK KUZNYAK

Roles performed:

Max — Jerzy Stur

Albert — Algirdas LUKASHEVICH


Emma — Bohuslav Pavelets


Bern — Beata Tyszkiewicz and others

«Frame», POLAND

The film is dubbed in the film studio «Lenfilm»



Imprint according to the permissive license — 8.5. ADVANCED.

For his film debut of a young writer and director Juliusz Machulski chose quite realistic criminal history of bank robbery. But truly phenomenal success

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My personal motto — forward and only forward

Theodore A. Lyachin and his achievements as one of the founders of the domestic elevator industry and competent, successful head of the Russian liftoviki know and respect. But perhaps not all are as many-sided personality of this extraordinary man, as full of interesting facts and events of his active, dynamic life.

Honorary Worker of housing and communal services of the Russian Federation, the Director General of JSC «Joint-stock company» Elevator «, the President of Russian Association of Employers» National League of enterprises elevator and communal infrastructure «FA Lyachin September 7 was 70 years old, and we are pleased to

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«Head of State» Jozef Pilsudski pretended crazy!

The founding father of modern Poland is considered to Jozef Pilsudski, who made great efforts for independence.

For this, he in January 1919 was awarded a hitherto unprecedented title of «head of state». I must say, for the sake of achieving the goal of his life — the restoration of Poland as a state -Pilsudsky did not disdain any means.

Jozef Pilsudski Clemens Ginyatovich Koschesha — this is the full name of our hero — the son of a wealthy nobleman. He was born on December 5, 1867 in the family estate,


From actresses to the Empress.

A miserable childhood.

Jiang Qing was born in March 1914 in the province of Shandong. Name at birth according to some sources — Schuman, on the other — Jin Lee, and seven years — Li Yunhe. According to Jiang, his father died young, his mother was the maid, but the daughter has learned at school and university. In the Soviet Union considered its cultural, educated, reading in translation Gorky, Sholokhov and world classics.

But Jiang Qing did not go to school.

Mother — the sixth wife of the carpenter Chinese traditions -as most disenfranchised. She was a maid and a

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Stars lit

This year, the start of «the most beautiful car racing world,» as it named Enzo Ferrari, came more than four hundred crews. Mille Miglia Storica held on the roads of Italy in the 31 th time, and part of it was a lot of celebrities, including invited by Jaguar Land Rover.

HK120 Jaguar roadster, this time managed the real stars. The owner of the maximum number of Olympic gold medals in the history of cycling, Sir Chris Hoy paired with a multiple winner of endurance racing Andy Wallace. English actor Daniel Day-Lewis, three times awarded the «Oscar» for Best Actor.

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Called to competitions beekeepers FAR EAST

Our Cheremshansky farm organized in 1960 on the basis of several apiaries prodsnabov non-ferrous metallurgy. Who beekeeping farm has more than 15 thousand families, 141 placed on an apiary. They are located in the mountain forest area of ​​the East Kazakhstan region within a radius of 8 to 640 kilometers from the center of the estate. This dispersion of apiaries very difficult job on their service. Therefore, we are taking measures to ensure that the placement of apiaries zone minimizes.

The purpose of such a large specialized farms lay in the fact that in the next goals to achieve

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All ahead of China and Germany

Foreign tourist flow to Moscow has grown by 10%

The number of international arrivals in the Russian capital in the first half of 2013 amounted to 2.7 million people, — the Committee on Tourism and hotel business in Moscow, citing data from the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation. For the first time there is a tendency of growth outperformance of international arrivals from foreign countries compared to the arrivals from the CIS countries: 13.1% vs. 8.2%, respectively. Most foreign nationals from foreign countries came to Moscow from Germany — 152.1 thousand people, and China — 147.7 thousand

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