Qigong and harmony in family life

Go Shaodun

Violation of the sexual relationship between husband and wife is one of the main reasons for family breakdown. Very often, impotence, rapid ejaculation, frigidity, pain during intercourse, and so on. E. Lead to divorce. Catching the treatment of various chronic diseases, we studied these diseases, and used for the integrated treatment of Qigong. The results were there, many families were waiting for a long time the children have found their happiness. Here are some specific methods of qigong therapy.

1. Nurturing the original in a sitting position

Sit cross-legged on a hard, flat surface (men right foot is

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Complications of peptic ulcer disease

Complications of peptic ulcer disease are life-threatening and require immediate surgical intervention.

Perforation (perforation) ulcers

Rupture (Perforation) ulcers — forming a through hole in the wall of the stomach or duodenum. However, their contents into the abdominal cavity, and is inflammation of the peritoneum — peritonitis.

Rupture accompanied by a sudden intense ("dagger"), pain in the abdomen. The patient can not get out of bed — is quiet and motionless on his side with his feet drawn towards the stomach (posture "embryo"), perspiration on his forehead. Increased body temperature. Language becomes dry, stomach— "Doskoobraznym" (tight, flat). With

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On this terrain god Ketsalkoatl looks from the jaws of the snake, the body is covered with feathers. In the hand of God — a cylindrical object from which sees sparks or light. (Flashlight? Emitter?) Noteworthy is also a strange curly plate that adorns the chest of God. Archaeologists consider it a stylized butterfly. Quetzalcoatl ear covers flat round disk, which resembles several radionaushnikov.


The picture above is the same God, who had a different name in Mayan — Kukulkan (literally — "The serpent covered with feathers"). This

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