Seviarynets — glyamurny Belarusian politician

Slonim are increasingly burning buildings and premises belonging to businessmen reports "Newspaper Slonim". On Friday, July 13, the building caught fire, which was placed in the personal store "SPRING". Was it the result of arson, employees learn Ministerstvva emergencies. Yet, July 4th burned some clothes shop "Caprice" belonging to another Slonim businessman Alexander Povuhu. Even earlier this entrepreneur had other problems with arson — 24 May burned his pavilion in a local park. Has confirmed that the fire was a prerequisite specifically arson. "Evening Brest" writes that in Pinsk during reconstruction Lenin Square builders excavated excavated old cultural layer. Earthworks

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Russian tanks and zenitki Stalin’s birthplace

Now the emperor Grits beheld as through the city A column of Russian military technology:"A column of about 50 trucks, 5 APCs about the third hour a day or came out blazing in the direction of Tbilisi. Not reaching 40 miles to Tbilisi, they turned in the forest and there they camped. Guarded convoy of trucks with several zenitkami. The column was van ambulance in which there were about 10-ka pavdnevaasetynskih volunteers. When the convoy turned into the woods, they returned back to Blaze. no resistance or control either by the Georgian police, nor by the Georgian army, this column

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Saakashvili accuses Russia of invading

In South Ossetia, the second day last stubborn fighting. Georgian and Russian forces are fighting for control over the edge, Russian bombers strike at targets in the Georgian countryside. Meanwhile Abkhazia launched a military operation to force Georgian troops from the Kodori Gorge.President Saakashvili called on the international community to force Russia to immediately end the military action. Georgian president accused Russian forces in the ethnic Georgian population purification of South Ossetia.

Mountain after Russian bombingNow the conflict went beyond the borders of South Ossetia. Russian aviation bombed the Black Sea port of Poti and the city glow. According to

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