Lukashenko — this is not the last day, and zavchorashni

Society Mr."Abnormal, of course. Should be friends, because there is no longer friends with anyone. All anomaly comes from Lukashenko. He is always looking for reasons out there. One should be more loyal to the same Putin, Medvedev. They are still the masters of life. They have terrible natural resources. "

Mr."Tense. The more they run, very difficult to imagine, but not a good situation. There are wine and from Russia, but perhaps more from Belarus. We all remember where we started, so to speak, the career of President Lukashenko — for an alliance with Russia. And what came? .

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Gomel — the hottest city in Belarus

Society The highest temperature recorded this summer on August 8 in Gomel. The mercury rose to 38.9 degrees is heat. This information provides the Gomel Regional Center gidrametearalogii and radiation control. A similar anomalous temperature was observed in all the previous decades meteorologists summary observations.

Close to the current temperature — 38 degrees plus — recorded in the summer of 1946. Then in Vasilevichy temperature reached to 37.9 degrees Celsius.

8 August and it was hot in Zhlobin — plus 37.8. In this day, except Zhitkovichi and Vasilevich, the absolute temperature maxima recorded at all weather stations Gomel.

Abnormally high

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A new wave of abnormally hot weather

Society Forecasters predict a new wave of abnormally hot weather in Belarus this week. July 21 will begin a new round of heat.

About This was reported Interfax chief forecaster of the National hydrometeorological Olga Fedotov.

July 21-24 in Belarus is expected to very hot weather: 27-34 degrees, 35-36 degrees in some places.

On Sunday the weather front in Western Europe in Belarus will decrease the heat. Expected 20-35 degrees, depending on the region.



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