Evicted about a million white. population!

"Belarusian village" in 1928 he endeared cry of despair from the village of Luban District Kuzmichi: "For many years our farmers villages suffer from scabies. Hands, feet, the whole body, as in young and of old have covered it badly. In some farmers parazyadala hands itch so that farmers fingers tightening the ropes, so the gap is not so sprawling. Healing item, which was opened in Last year, every month in this village about a half pounds of releases from scabies ointment. But scabies does not die. Why? Indeed, in the village no one bath. Need help! ""On the border

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Tourists left in the Crimea 40 billion hryvnia

Tourists, who this year were vacationing in the Crimea, the goods and services consumed by 40 billion hryvnia. This was stated by Minister of Tourism and Resorts of Crimea Alexander Lie on the air TVi, transfersUNN.

He noted that the average tourist spends during his stay on the Crimean peninsula, about a thousand dollars.

The Minister also said that this year the ARC has already seen about half a million residents of the European Union. 

"As a rule, it is the citizens of Germany, Britain and the Baltic countries", — said A.Liev. He

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Electric-welded pipe shop Height 239

In November 2010, the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant opened electric-welded pipe shop "Height 239" — The first draft of the national "white metal", a brand new type of iron and steel industry based on innovation, the highest level of technology, maximum automation of processes and innovative working environment. In addition, the shop is decorated very worthy. A detailed photo

CTRP — Industry Group metallurgical complex in Russia, one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tubular products with a total market share of about 20%. The company's revenue in excess of $ 2 billion in plants

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Three British Lords were accused of corruption


In the UK, the three members of the upper house of parliament — the House of Lords — the opposition accused that they were taking money for their parliamentary work.

Journalists Sunday Times introduced three deputies and employees of lobbying companies were asked to assist them in promoting Korean manufacturer of solar panels.

According to the newspaper, talking about Lord John Laird of the Ulster Unionist Party, and the Labour Party Lord Brian Mackenzie and John Cunningham.

Talk to each of Lords journalists recorded with a hidden camera. In

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Track Scandinavia expects reconstruction

In 2012, begins the reconstruction of one of the most congested and therefore characterized by high road accident rate in Northwest Russia — route M10 "Scandinavia", linking the northern capital of Russia from Helsinki, Finland. Initially, work will begin on the 18-kilometer stretch of road — from 47 th to the 65 th kilometer. Previously, it was that the first will be reconstructed 35-kilometer stretch from 65 th to 100 th kilometer, but this year it will be held only design work. Total length is 148 km.

Plans for road builders — to transform the existing road type

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Highway M-58 Amur

At the end of May this year, drove a car with Vladivostok to Bratsk. Last year, just lecturing on your site a great report about haul road and about the Chita-Khabarovsk. During the year I was on the site with the search engines come a lot of people interested in the state of the Chita-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok. There was even one such query into a search engine, which has led to my site "is it true that after the drive Putin Chita-Khabarovsk highway asphalt removed?". So I think that a report on the state of roads in 2013 will be

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The point of view of hamster-antikorruptsionera

Here I thought that if targeted to absorb only the most-most negative abundantly vyssyvaemy every criticism of the authorities (and they themselves are out there and tear that neillyuzorno delivers in terms of assessing their mental component), it can turn into a classic hamster Bulk or someone else thread there.

And then any infopovod work very back wall of the brain, and even skull.At the output will be about the "analysis" of information.Hereinafter

TitleText messagesComment enlightened hamster

So there you go.

In the Kirov region opened a farm with 400 headsAugust 11 "Agri Sredneivkino" in Verhoshizhemskom district of

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Top 10 largest cities in the world in terms of population

Today we will talk with you about the cities, metropolitan areas are home to a huge number of people. We offer you a list of the biggest cities in the world in terms of population. I must say that this is a list of cities (no agglomeration).If you have never been in the city-center of you have lost a lot, it's a symbol of mega mix of people into one. And here we go, the top 10 largest cities in the world in terms of population: 10th — Sao Paulo

Country: Brazil. Population: about 10,287,833 people. Is the capital of

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Mogilev protested entrepreneurs

At a spontaneous rally that lasted almost 5 hours entrepreneurs claimed moratorium on the decree and to accelerate the adoption of the law "On the small and medium business in Belarus." In addition, entrepreneurs ensure that the square came representative executive committee and listened to their complaints. To businessmen nobody came, but the requirements in the area of Executive Committee heardEntrepreneurs began to gather at 10 am. For half an hour on Lenin Square came about two hundred people. Before the eleventh hour, when the square was about five hundred businessmen, policemen began to incriminate them in an attempt to

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Tomsk company has developed an electronic backpack for students

 Photo source:nanonewsnet.ru

Tomsk's «Superb Computer Devices Co., Ltd» developed an innovative student backpack — thin terminal display on the basis of "electronic paper", in memory which can store all the textbooks, notebooks and diaries required schoolchildren, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday Director of Science and Development Company Constantine Shelevoy.

"We have created an ergonomically perfect computer workstation student from the first to the final grade. This terminal is four millimeters thick on the basis of "electronic paper". It replaces a school bag: in the terminal's memory can store all textbooks, and students can use it as a notebook,

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