In Cherkessia first time in 20 years, opened a nursery school

In the capital of Karachay-Cherkessia Cherkessk a ceremonial opening of the kindergarten "asterisk", designed for 100 seats. The 2-storey building with a total area of about 1000 square meters. m provides space for four groups of children under 25.

This is the first preschool educational institution generally developing form, which opened in the national capital over the past two decades.

In the early 90-ies of the last century, this building, where the late 60’s has a children‘s garden, was assigned to the Border Guard Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia on KCR. In the summer

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Two million Egyptians live in cemeteries

Extensive Egyptian cemeteries have long been a haven not only for the dead. According to the latest data released by the Central Statistical Agency of the country, cemeteries live more than two million Egyptians. We are talking about the old men and the young men, and the children, who had to settle on the graves. Many of them earn their livelihood, engaged in the manufacture of tombstones. Some read verses from the Koran on the graves in return for a small coin from the relatives of the deceased.

Hatem Hosni one of many Egyptians who have to

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Chelyabinsk Height 239

CTRP — Industry Group metallurgical complex in Russia, one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tubular products with a total market share of about 20%.

The company’s revenue in excess of $ 2 billion in plants CHEP employs about 20,000 people. Among the ten largest pipe manufacturers in the world. CHEP brings together companies and enterprises of ferrous metallurgy: JSC "Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant", JSC "Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant" and others.

On the Open at the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant Welding Shop "Height 239" — the first draft of the national "white metal", a brand new type

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Presentation of the project-RA HONDA Electronics factory in Japan.


On Friday, March 1, 2013 at 12.00 noon we in the 3-man team of JSC "Intersoft Eurasia" , MIZUNO President of NISSO BOEKI Co. and our translator Vsevolod Kulakov went on r / w station in the center of Tokyo.

Speed trains themselves are very similar to some drop-shaped metal monsters to reach speeds up to 300 km / h, and in cleanliness and comfort. Chairs in the blink of an eye can be deployed to meet each other, forming a micro compartment for four. So we sat down and did a team

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Savvidi wants to unite and SKA Rostov.

President of SKA Ivan Savvidi said about possible problems with the financing of the club in crisis. It is proposed to merge the two into one Rostov club under the double name. According to Savvidi, Rostov region does not need an expensive team of the first division, with its long-haul flights. Instead, he proposes to have a strong command of the Premier League and a few clubs in the second division. Under the threat of the existence of the women’s team SKA, bronze medalist Russia, said "Sport-Express". The idea of combining clubs have already caused a sharp reaction from the

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Novosibirsk subway car was decorated in honor of Marshal Pokryshkina

The exhibition "Our Pokryshkin" opened on a train museum in Novosibirsk subway in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal Alexander Pokryshkina.

Authorities in Novosibirsk region announced 2013 year Pokryshkina. The region is scheduled about 60 events — historical exhibitions, documentary films about the life of the hero, mass sports and educational activities aimed at patriotic education of youth.

Opened exhibition is made up of dozens of photographs and documents from the Novosibirsk State Museum. This family photos, documents of the war years, a copy

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For 2012, revenues MiG was about 20 billion


For 2012, revenues RAC "MiG" was about 20 billion rubles. This was today told reporters the president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan.


Recall the recent Board of Directors of the UAC decided to reduce the share capital by 31 billion rubles. — Up to 189 billion rubles. In OAKe said that one of the reasons were losses of subsidiaries and affiliates, and the consequent reduction of the net assets of the holding.

"The most stable entities within the structure of the KLA are companies that provide the bulk of production

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Why small businesses in Russia?

The answers to the 10 most popular myths about entrepreneurship in Russia.

In Germany twice entrepreneurs than Russia. In Poland — five times. If in Russia for every hundred people have two entrepreneurs, in Germany — for four, while in Poland — as many as 10 people. Why is that?

1. Hard to register a company.

For three or four thousand rubles special offices gladly prepare for you all the necessary documents "turnkey". You do not even have to personally go to the tax: You simply sign a power of attorney by a notary, and in

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On TV, there was the first Russian car advertising E

Mikhail Prokhorov decided to start advertising their new car, called the "e". According to the creators of the machine, the letter "e" is only in Russian language. And that is why it is so unique. In addition, the letter "e" is the seventh letter of the Russian alphabet, and, they say, the number 7 is rumored to bring good luck. Well, about the negative associations that may cause the letter "e", the designers prefer not to talk.

As previously reported, Mikhail Prokhorov plans to produce a whole family of cars. In addition to the hatchback and the

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Every sixth person in the EU can barely make ends meet

According to the report, the statistical agency Eurostat, the European Union 81 million inhabitants could not live a month on their own income and savings, if it were suddenly without social benefits.





Of these, more than 12 million lives in Germany, accounting for 15% of our population. At risk to be without means of subsistence are 11 million people in the UK and Italy. Most financially vulnerable in relation to the total population accounted for Latvia and Romania, where one in four could not survive

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