Why spies like scientists

Stumbled on one interview, I wanted to share with you. In a sense, it is also suited to the site — these people have made.

Why spies like scientists


Scout-illegal Andrey Bezrukov, "If you behave like James Bond, you have enough for half a day."

Donald Heathfield owned a consulting company in the United States, was educated at Harvard and raised two children with his wife. He was quite successful American citizen. Hardly anyone of his friends and colleagues could have imagined that Donald Heathfield real name is Andrey Bezrukov and

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21 February — International Mother Language Day

Once people spoke the same language (modern linguists refer to it as Pramirovoy language). For hundreds of years the situation has changed: today, there are about 5-6 thousand languages. Russian language — one of the most common. Today, on International Mother Language Day let us remember what a beautiful and rich language we inherited, and we will try to comply with its purity. Of course, other languages are also interesting and good, but the native language is undoubtedly the most intimate — we are in it we communicate and think.

 The exhibition is dedicated to

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Stop buying Chinese products!

Even six months after the entry of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) continue on the subject of fierce debate fallacy of such a step, and as the argument is "killer" statistics.

The Russian economy in general and the agricultural sector, in particular, has some financial loss associated with an increase in food imports due to a sharp reduction of import duties. As a result, our shelves replenished with additional assortment of cheap products, and often of dubious quality. Our services of SES are paying close attention to the Belarusian and Ukrainian products (affordable

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With russophobia have to fight (The Guardian, UK)

Anti-Russian stereotypes in the West at every step. And the task of the media — not to spoil so important for Western relations with this country. The atmosphere is poisoned by a virus russophobia. What is it, you ask? This is when a teacher of English literature in a very respectable school, explaining to your daughter how to answer the exam question about the genre of comedy, says: ‘Do not worry. Simply write: I am Russian, I have no sense of humor. "

Or when people did not hesitate for a minute, let go of jokes

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SAO Scientists have created a unique camera for monitoring


Scientists of the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SAO) have created an automated system wide angle view of the sky, which allows to detect cosmic bodies, including the meteorites that threaten the Earth.

"The device is a camera with a large field of view of the sky and the high register. That is, in the event of any object in the sky, regardless of its speed and size, the device will be able to instantly detect it, calculate the flight path, a possible threat to the Earth and,

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Director General of Lavochkin NPO named Victor Hart: It is necessary to

to respect themselves. "

 Director General of Lavochkin NPO named Victor Hart: "We must respect ourselves and if the goal was to deliver Phobos ground — it should achieve"

Of "Electro-L" produced by NPO. Lavochkin

 In 2013, the NGO named Lavochkin present a coherent strategy of lunar exploration with automated scientific stations, will begin work on the landing vehicle for the mission "EkzoMars" 2018. What kind of mission to the moon is planned for the next decade, the preparation for the project "EkzoMars," as is the case with the manufacture of spacecraft series

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In the Khabarovsk region growing pace of construction of kindergartens

The region has successfully targeted program for the development of pre-school education. In the current year it is expected to spend about half a billion rubles. The pace of construction of pre-school institutions are growing. Just this year, expected to be commissioned nine new kindergartens.

construction of a new kindergarten for 110 places in the village of Kalinka

"If in the 2012th under the program we launched two kindergartens, and this year is being built in one stage nine, in addition will create about 1,200 seats. In this implementation of the program will end. Geography extensive

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Construction of TPP Polar (Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District) is the clock (4 photos)

"At present the work at the site of TPP Polar organized around the clock," — said Deputy General Director Sergei Shindyalov Development Corporation.

At this stage of the work to build thermal power Polar employs more than 300 people and about 80 pieces of construction equipment.

Taking all necessary measures for the timely commissioning of the first startup complex of the station, which is scheduled to end in 2013. In fact, fully completed the preparatory work for the foundation of the main building, has more than 80% of the piles. Also

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Life in France without the rose-colored glasses

Edit shares impressions, nazhytymi on the very west, where alone can normally zhyt cultural normal white people.

I’m here after 9 years in France confirm that everything is as it is. Moving back, by the way.

Small Circuits. Of salary did go off almost half to taxes, the rest of house. The food had not even 500 euros and sometimes 100. How then three months with ex-husband lived for 50 euros. Together. With the cost of gasoline. I became ill eating the cheapest of the cheapest supermarket. Bread stretched for a week, it became the

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Flexible tentacles horse-beef mafia

In Europe, "horse-beef mafia" and the scope of its activity is much more than you might expect. These conclusions come investigators studying meat scandal. Literally every hour float new details and circumstances.

If initially it was just about frozen semi-finished products made in France from the Romanian raw materials, it is now revealed that the horse meat, and mixed into the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and Cyprus, and there were suspicions against Germany.

Pay the same for a fake consumers had at least a dozen countries in Central and Northern Europe. In addition to supermarkets,

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