In Paris we robbed twice

Decided to talk about the trip on May Day celebrations in Paris. Probably, it will be interesting to many of our visitors. During perestroika I had visited many countries of the world. But what happened to me and my family in Paris this spring, never happened.

In April, decided to bring their wife and daughter (15 years old) in Paris. Purchased a voucher and have been in Paris 29.04.2008. The next day at 12-00 was ordered city tour. Punctually arrived minivan for up to eight passengers. His wife and daughter sat next to the driver. Very erudite

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In Latvia, the ten per cent of the officials were poor

Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia

The Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia.

In Latvia, one in ten official registered as needy. On this, as reported RIA Novosti, said the head of the local union of public sector employees Andrew Jirgensons.

Mid-level official, he said, getting your hands on some 230 lats (about 450 dollars). In the Social Insurance Agency, for example, employees get about 200-300 lats. The average wage in the country at the same time is 400 lats (about 770 dollars).

According to a representative of the trade union, as reported

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In Khakassia released atlas attractions

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Khakassia released "Atlas of Khakassia places of interest." Just talked about the publication 49 things republic, including Ivanovo lake Tuimsky failure or Chests, Taar pig sanctuary, Saragashensky Bay or Pisanyza "Hazyna hyr." This is the first illustrated edition of this kind, with information about the cultural and natural heritage of the Republic of Khakassia.

"The peculiarity of our collection is — says Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Egorova PX, — that it contains information about the unique and territories, and scenic nature monuments and archaeological sites and about the

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Why I came back from America

I grew up in Kiev, in the late 90’s finished a great university at the time, and immediately received a trade from the student "sat down on the wave." Went to work in the country and a company of any programmer’s dream — to America, to the legendary BellCore, in the depths of which invented the telephone, and many of today’s IT-and telecommunication technologies. It’s sort of a "Institute of Cybernetics", not just a ramshackle, as we have in the attics and prosperous and successful in commercial terms. In short, the Mecca for the programmer. However, having lived in

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Krasnoyarsk CHP-3 (PHOTOS)

Author — Vadim Mahora


In Krasnoyarsk, there are 3 heat and power plant, the total electric power of which only 1,146 MW (compared to only one our Novosibirsk CHP 5 has a capacity of 1,200 MW), but is notable for me was just Krasnoyarsk CHP-3 in that the new station — more than a year as the first and only unit was certified The system operator and put into commercial operation. So I was able to shoot still not dusty, beautiful station and learn a lot about yourself for CHP.

In this post,

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General Director of Zaporizhstal Rostislav Shurma: We asked a good tone

Against the background of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine and Europe, where there is a significant drop in production, Zaporozhye promgigant looks pretty good — despite the crisis increases output


It is important to note that 90% of all planned investments in 2013 have an environmental focus

The new management team at the plant "Zaporizhstal" came on the penultimate day of July last year, and from the first days of August it had to pull the company out of the pit of losses to which it has slipped in recent

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Renault took the chassis AvtoVAZ

All cars manufactured in Russia Renault Logan, Sandero and Duster completed chassis, produced by AvtoVAZ.

"Avtoframos" in 2013 buysAvtoVAZapproximately 150,000 chassis (front and rear beam axle, steering knuckles, stretchers, etc.), told "Vedomosti" representative Renault. They are equipped with all the cars manufactured by the Moscow plant on the platform B0 (Logan) — Logan, Sandero and Duster, he explained. These models accounted for 95% of production "Avtoframos" — in 2012 it grew by 19% to 167,406 vehicles (only available in six models, including the Fluence, Latitude and Koleos).

Originally "Avtoframos" chassis imported from Romania, the

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As Russian startup became the chief designer shops in Facebook


Ruslan Fazlyev founder of Russian designer online stores Ecwid, who managed to defeat the American counterpart — the hidden possibilities of e-commerce

Ecwid — a simple "designer" that allows anyone to create an online store based on the page in Facebook, blog, or just any page on the Internet in December 2012 surpassed, and a few days ago has absorbed its main rival, the American Payvment. Ecwid, created by entrepreneur Ruslan Fazlyeva Ulyanovsk, a few years ago was the winner of the "Business Project» Forbes and Google, the fall of 2011 received investment from Runa

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Interesting results of early research program observatory


"Spektr-R" with an open antenna in the factory shop Photo: Press Service NGO named after SA Lavochkin

Ground-space interferometer "RadioAstron" continues to explore uncharted territory — to study active galactic nuclei with very high angular resolution. Interferometer successfully registered the cores of galaxies BL Lizards, as well as objects in the constellation Camelopardalis, Cancer, Hydra, and others on the bases of 6 to 11 Earth diameters in the range of 6 and 18 cm for many of these objects estimates give the value of the brightness temperature of about 10 trillion Kelvins (10 to 13 degrees), exceeding the

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Photo report about what’s inside AvtoVAZ

Continuing further irritate Russian blogosphere achievements. This time, I’ll tell about everyday life "AvtoVAZ."

You will learn that "a bucket of nuts" has long been a thing of the past, and the plant was transformed beyond recognition. Moreover, the "AvtoVAZ" has become a unique car enterprise in the world, which brings together cars of three brands: Renault, Nissan and Vaz. Let’s lapping at the mercy of reality, evil demons, the blogosphere)   By the way, in the photo above, flash drive in a yellow Lada-Kalina against the background of the emblem of the expedition "Russia —

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