And once again caught in a lie Izvestia

December 7, 2012 in the newspaper came out in a critical article on the SU-34, which, referring to an unknown source in the Defense Ministry has criticized the build quality of the Su-34. The article was published under the pompous title "Bomber Su-34 recognized non-combat"And contained the following text:

At the end of six years of operation of the Su-34 Glavkomat Commission and the Department of the Air Force weapons produced conclusion to the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, indicating that all the troops raised in the Su-34 have significant defects that prevent their full operational use.

How to tell

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People trillions or what happened to the Stabilization Fund …

Many, many nesisopy (non-systemic opposition), Emo liberasty patriots or just a great pleasure to chew a bone thrown to Mr Berezovsky — Vladimir Putin’s personal wealth, acquired through "raspilinga" Stabilization Fund and "otkatinga" friends of oligarchs. Even make predictions about the magnitude of capital Prime Minister. Sizes range from 40 billion to 260 billion American dollars. The value depends on the personal qualities and imagination nesisopa / Emo patriot / liberasty, as well as the amount of ringing at his expense the grant. However, if we ignore the hysteria and liberasticheskuyu stupid google expanses of I-net, you can easily keep

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In Sterlitamak (Bashkortostan) opened sorting plant

Today Sterlitamak opened sorting plant. Work on the disposal of waste has already started. The company has launched a sorting plant and formed the staff.

Hydraulic plant further reduces the amount of incoming waste after sorting. Recycled at the landfill gets about 10 percent of the waste. This will in a short time to get rid of illegal dumping. And they currently Sterlitamak about a hundred.

Sterlitamakskij sorting plant will serve the surrounding towns. The processing here will bring debris from Salavat Ishimbai and neighboring areas. In the future, the municipality plans to create a network of transfer stations

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Sura — the ancient Russian city

There is a map on the Russian small and nondescript town with a mysterious name Sura.


Hence I come from, but because I want to share information about it with the readers of your favorite resource.


We Alatyr rich history, starting with the founding of Ivan the Terrible as border fortress to protect the frontiers of the Russian state.


Now about it, few people know, but there was, and Razin and Pugachev, Ivan the Terrible and Catherine II.


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This year the aerial tankers IL-78 and IL-78M carried about 380 refueling fuel

In training and combat units of the Air Force (IAF) had been fed a new, modern aviation technology. In this range aircraft Tu-95MS and Tu-160, Airborne Warning and Control System A-50 operational and tactical aircraft Su-34, Su-30cm, Su-27SM3 and promising T-50 are equipped with air refueling .

In this regard, during the last academic year were held regularly workout refueling combat aircraft in the air. This year the aerial tankers IL-78 and IL-78M aircraft have carried out about 380 gas stations, passing with over 5 tons of fuel.

Crews, tankers operate flights with Air Force airfields are located in

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Cato Institute: a shrill liberal poison swamp

"Core — was in one marsh frog. Catching mosquitoes and black flies, but loud croak. And so it took her life. " So begins the tale of the frog Vsevolod Garshina-traveler. A similar scenario extends the life of modern majeure "frog-traveler" — Russian liberals safely left the native "bog", who settled in foreign lands, and the croaking angrily to the former homeland. One of these terrariums political "amphibians", vigilantly vigil all the movements of Russia on land and water, is the Cato Institute. Funded by Washington, Cato Institute is working on malopochetnoy, I would even say despicable field

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In the villages of the Irkutsk region. opened an indoor hockey court and rural DK

In the village of Pivovariha Irkutsk region was inaugurated indoor hockey court, which was erected in the shortest possible time — in four months. Court is a multi-platform, where in winter you can play hockey and skating in the summer watching volleyball, basketball, football. The new sports facility will train the local hockey club "Vympel", and will be able to play sports to attend.

Hockey court is a pilot project. It is the first sports facility, built on a long-term regional target program "Development of Physical Culture and Sports of the Irkutsk Region for 2011-2015". On the construction of

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Tiny but strong-willed island

When the Union was dissolved, in Vologda was a rumor that the island [Christ Stone, Lake. Kubenskoe] settled people. They did not understand that if the watchman. Just watch out there? Stones, and the sky above your head … Because reporters learned that a man named Pligin it your own — Vologda. Up to 40 years there was a man like everyone else, was a good engineer … He is married and has three children. And suddenly dropped everything and went to the island.

By one person in a complex 90 the restoration of the monastery on the island. In

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Pies and Khachapuridze — tasty sourdough

— This is my favorite project, my dream! — Vladimir points to a picture of something, at the same time like a car, a helicopter and a light twin-engine aircraft …

— The vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter. The speed and range of aircraft — 500 km / h and 2,000 km respectively. Comfort and accessibility of the car — 5 seats plus 300 kg of cargo. The machine will cost a decent SUV, about 100-150 thousand dollars. Eventually, with increasing scale, the price will be reduced. The cost of passenger-kilometers will be

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Chita.Ru and Commando experienced a new Guran

C 2010 at the 88th central repair plant going first in the modern history of the Trans-Baikal Territory cars under the sonorous and patriotic name "Gurans." Accessories are available for China’s largest automobile company «Dongfeng», however, before you begin to assemble trucks, they have adapted to Transbaikalian road and climatic conditions. Improving happens all the time, and more and more "gourmets" go on the road Trans-Baikal.

This convinced the founder of the club SUVs Simon Shifrin, cameraman "Arena" and the team "Chita.Ru" during a specially organized a test drive of the new model, "Guran" — the manipulator. By the way,

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