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Tomichi collected about 150 tons of social potato

Tomichi collected about 150 tons of "social" potato

The press office of mayor.

Recall, for the sixth year in a village Petrine for retirees, the disabled, large families and people with low income allocated land for planting potatoes and other vegetables. "This year, the event was attended by more than 500 residents 157 residents of Leninsky district, 185 — October, 106 -, and 100 residents of the Kirov District Soviet. This morning, the volunteers went to the village to harvest potatoes, "- said in a statement.

City administration organized transport for the transport

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SCC Red Boiler finished production of equipment weighing 950 tons

Taganrog Boiler-Making Works "Red boilermaker" finished production of equipment for multiple customers. The total weight of product — about 950 tons, according to a press release from the company. For the first HRSG "RN-Tuapse Refinery" made heating surface: * Module superheater * Module evaporator * Economizer module (each module consists of two units).

Equipment weight was 120 tons. In addition, the completed work on the primary and secondary panels housing inlet duct, primary and secondary panels housing recovery boiler and the boiler of the headset. Tonnage panels was about 100 tons. For the second HRSG Tuapse refinery

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Technology parks have started to earn

By early 2011, with the participation of the Ministry of Communications was built and launched seven parks in Tatarstan, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Mordovia. Total revenue of their residents in 2010 was about 14 billion rubles., For comparison, a year earlier the rate was about 7 billion rubles.


Most companies that won seats in the industrial parks, are engaged in the strategic development of information technology (19% of all residents), 18% of residents of developing innovative technologies in the mining sector, and 15% are engaged in energy efficiency.

According to the representatives of

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Technology black wings T-50 (PAK FA) — the use of the latest composite technology in the Russian aviation industry

Wing T-50 — a typical composite structure. Inside — aluminum honeycomb, top and bottom — about a hundred layers of carbon fiber. After laying this "sandwich" go to 8:00 in the autoclave, which will turn into a high-strength, and most importantly, light aircraft parts. Thus was born the unique "black wing" PAK FA — promising aviation complex tactical aircraft — the T-50.

"Despite the seeming simplicity of the technology, in order to begin the process of computation, we need special equipment. This equipment is made of composite materials, it presented a number of requirements. This is also

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Goodbye, America. Myths about power. Myths about the greatness

REN-TV continues to surprise.

Test assembly TAGAZ AQUILA started

First mashinokomplektyi TAGAZ AQUILA came into production. For mass production of cars TagAz plans to move in early next month. In the two weeks since the opening reception of orders received more than 1,000 applications for the purchase AQUILA.

Production will begin with a complete set. Her preliminary description is available on site Now the car is equipped with engine Mitsubishi 1,6 liter. and a five-speed manual gearbox. This year, perhaps expanding the line of complete sets for this version of the machine. The same will be a car with

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Test drive Lada Granta

Seriously thinking about buying this car. In many test drives say the car is not so bad already.

I do not know much about cars and especially friends who know do not have, therefore appeal to you. Maybe someone else has to go, what do you say about Granta?

Now we await the harvest sheep

This spring Cherkessk earned first stage wool processing factory. The company is unique for Russia — the first time in one place will be processed wool, to make out of it a woolen belt, and from that later — the yarn. Soviet industry giants perished due to specialization on one thing.

So far only launched the first phase of the factory — a department for processing wool and woolen bands (tops), which is used as a raw material for yarn. Next to the new shops have already cleared site for the production of yarn. If the first step

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Now available to all new pictures from the satellite Electro-L

Today again there is a reason to talk about the satellite Electro-L.

I hope that many already know about the Russian meteorological apparatus Electro-L, which is the third year running in the geostationary orbit. I have alreadyrepeatedlytalked about it, anddemonstratedthe results of his labors. Today will share one more positive news on the satellite.

  First, a small digression in order to clarify the value of this event: Electro-L removes the visible disk of the Earth once every half hour, and his pictures are in the public domain. Therefore, they may engage in processing each.

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Teleskandal: non-Russian tales

At the request of veterans was removed from the film "4 Days in May"Ludmila Zhukova, Olga Zhukova18.05.2012

We still remember how, despite vehement protests from the public, in the late 90s on NTV aired, did the film "The Last Temptation of Christ." Channel management, spit on the "voice of the people", the holy day for all demonstrated disgusting, obscene transmission. But on May 7 of this year, something unprecedented happened. For the first time in more than 20 years of perversion of the Great War, listened to the voice of the living participants in the battles.

After many kinopakostey

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