Pack-horse vehicle platoon translate the winter horseshoes with spikes

The only one in the army pack-transport platoon preparing for winter.

Pack-transport platoon mountain brigade of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), with more than 80 horses and Karachai Mongolian breed, in 2012, delivered to the destination about 500 tons of cargo a distance of more than 5 thousand kilometers. Pack caravans used when performing service and combat missions in the mountainous areas of the countryside, where the limited use of other modes of transport.

This year, the only one in the army pack-transport platoon, stationed in Karachay-Cherkessia, spent more than 200 sessions on the tactical and special

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Kindergartens were opened in Vologda and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Kindergarten "Pinocchio" was opened in Vologda on Gorky Street, 28. In groups won seats about 300 children. Overhaul of the building began in July of this year. November 12th, facilities put into operation.

The following year, in Vologda plans to open two more pre-schools.

After extensive renovation has opened a kindergarten "Goldfish" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. This establishment has been closed for almost two years nazad.Krome seismic reinforcement there had redecorated rooms, installed new windows, new doors, laid tile, plumbing work carried out. Also landscaped area around the nursery and installed fencing. Now the last completed work in the music room

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Ecological map of Russia

Experts RIA Novosti with the support of Russian Geographic Society launched a multimedia online project "Ecological map of Russia"Where anyone can leave a message on environmental pollution, violation of environmental laws, which he had witnessed.

Visitor messages can be the basis of the basis for the response to the situation on the part of not only Russian, but also of international environmental organizations, and the media.

Map began work in early October, and the citizens of Russia have already placed more than two dozen complaints about environmental problems in Khakassia, Belgorod, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl regions, as well as in

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Journey of Kostroma

In Kostroma, clean, comfortable, quiet. Stalin’s house and wooden buildings, buildings of different ages coexist quite naturally. Happen, of course, accidents, when a modern building "masterpiece" grows between the wooden houses with carved architraves. Lovely promenade beckons walk along the Volga, to sit, to think, to dream. Neither urban wedding is complete without photos in the gazebo Ostrovsky.

Indeed, wonderful views from the remains of the shaft of the Kostroma Kremlin. From the Kremlin’s almost nothing left. But in almost intact preserved 18th-century shopping arcade.

You can take a tour of the production, the museum Large Kostroma Linen manufactures, and

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Blue patrols have saved 92 million fry fish in ponds Astrakhan

Groups of school "blue patrols" to monitor the state of small reservoirs in the flood plains of the Astrakhan Region, saved over the summer about 92 million fish fry, provided invaluable assistance ecology of the region, said Friday the governor of Alexander Jilkin.

In early June, the region was formed 55 teams, which included 528 students from grades 5-10. Over the summer, the children worked about four thousand acres, "otshnurovannyh" (lost communication with the main channel of the river) water, collecting and releasing fish perishing in the Volga. At the ceremony of summing up the work of

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Launching a mobile network recommendations from Speereo

Speereo company launched its new service for mobile market POItry. This recommendation service. The principle of such a service is widely known — people share with each other their impressions of the geographic point (POI). Praised restaurants, abuse hole, warn of traffic cop on the road or about sharks on the beach. Speereo we analyzed these services and found two problems. 1. Few comments. That is just a little "living creativity of the masses" to the number of participants in pershlo quality of the information. And yet too many explicit zakazuhi and corruption advertising. Advertisers are not lazy to praise

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Found company on whose account the money went out of the GLONASS

Wednesday (07.11.12) Research Affairs in Moscow informed about new search conducted within the framework of the investigation of the criminal case initiated in the summer of misuse of more than 565 million rubles. Allocated JSC "Russian Space Systems" on the creation and development of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS ).

Employees of the economic security and anti-corruption police in the capital’s central board of the investigation before the criminal investigation into the embezzlement of budget funds (565 million rubles). Allocated under the federal target program "Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS", established firm, which

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Russian nuclear submarine off the coast of Florida

The second in the last three months of the Russian nuclear submarine was spotted on Tuesday at the south-east coast of the United States, said Wednesday the broadcaster CNN, citing sources in the Pentagon.

According to the U.S. military, this time from American shores for the first time, a new Russian submarine Sierra-2 (NATO) from the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation.

She was discovered on Tuesday in international waters about 400 miles from the U.S. coast. However, she went to the area near Florida, where U.S. aircraft carrier group exercises conducted, the sources said the American military

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Nuclear top

Here is a nondescript gray cylinder and is a key part of the Russian nuclear industry. Looks, of course, not too presentable, but its purpose is to understand and take a look at the specs, as you begin to understand why the secret of his creation and the state protects the device as the apple of his eye.


Oh, I forgot to provide: in front of you, the gas centrifuge for uranium isotope separation BT-3F (n-th generation). Operation elemental like dairy separator heavy by centrifugal force, is separated from the lung. So what is the significance and

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Gorny Altai. Bridges over the Katun. Part 1.

By the logic of the site would need to show the new bridges built recently. But I love the bridges at all. And the old, too. And the old, perhaps especially. Something in them is so … And I’m not alone, by the way. Altai people are very grateful to the spirits who help them cross the river safely. And in gratitude, tie ribbons after the well-crossings. Even the bridge. As here:

Bridge over Katun Tracts Oroktoy.

Here, on the basis of gratitude, I decided to dedicate his report bridges over the Katun. New — and old.

By the

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