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Mersudin Akhmetovich: I JUST WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL!

Goal Bosnian striker brought Rostovites draw in a difficult match at the stadium named Bilimhanova. After the match Mersudin shared experiences.

— What about the game?

— A very hard game turned out. We stubbornly waited for a chance to level the score and I am glad that we managed to make our fans who have done the hard way to Grozny.

— What does your gesture after scoring a goal (Akhmetovich shook his hand to the ear)?

— I have shown that I do not want to hear when talking bad about

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1. Rights of the child

(The story is based on real events, which told me my friend)

— … And even Anna Petrovna told us that there was no law in parents force children to do something there! And what if we would like there to force garbage bear or something is, then we can also call on the phone, and …

The mother was not listening. Or rather, trying not to listen, because she was scared. She just wrapped in a denser coat collar and accelerated the pace, as if trying to escape from


In Seversk Tomsk region has opened the West-Siberian cable plant

On October 2, Seversk, Tomsk region was launched the first phase of the West Siberian cable plant.

The company "West-Siberian cable plant" has been registered in the city in June last year. The company is a resident of the closed zone Technopark, located on the eastern area (former warehouses GOKP) and rents municipal premises in the operational management of the Business Development Agency, Seversk engaged in support of small and medium-sized businesses.

Financial investments of the company in the creation of production amounted to about 27 million rubles, which went to the purchase of

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Vyborg Shipyard laid the icebreaker LK-16 Project 21900M

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PRICE GLONASS receivers dropped 20 times

According to the President of noncommercial partnership "Promoting the development and use of navigation technologies" (in the recent past — the head of "NIS GLONASS") Alexander Gurko, over the past three years, two-system receivers GONASS / GPS fell by about 20 times.

"Back in 2009 one such receiver cost about $ 250, in 2010 — is about $ 120-130, last year — $ 30, and now the average price is $ 13-15. Now she is almost equal to the price of a one-system GPS-ins "- said he CNews.

This significant reduction in the cost of GLONASS / GPS-receiver Gourko explains

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TGK-14 launched in Chita, a new heating main house at 22

October 5, Chita Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny Vishnjakov Trans-Baikal region, the mayor of Chita Anatoly Mikhalev and General Director of JSC "TGC-14" Sergey Vasilchuk have commissioned a new trunk pipeline in the area of 17 schools, which later will connect to the central heating about 22 new high-rise buildings.

The project was implemented by a total of three years (2010-2012). It was replaced about 6 km of the pipeline.

— In preparation for the project, from 2008, together with the governor and the regional government has developed a number of changes to allow direct funds to the areas most

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In the Altai region kicked off the season of autumn forest planting

Autumn forest planting will take place in the eastern part of the Altai Territory. Total fall foresters region will be restored 106 hectares of forest on the First, Trinity and other parts of the region.

Forest Enterprise "Alfa" to implement reforestation has already begun. On silvicultural areas located on-site logging and fires Trinity area, employing more than 100 people. Work on a large overgrowth Gorelnik 1997. Then, in the Trinity area burned about 11,000 hectares of forest. Last Gorelnik 30 hectares will be restored this fall.

During the seven days of employees of the company are planning to plant nearly

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Energy launched in Chelyabinsk 80 MVA substation

Residents of neighborhoods, located in the northwestern part of the city of Chelyabinsk, will consume power at the expense of a new substation "Krasnopolskaya." The new substation is of strategic importance — it will provide electricity to one of the most promising and fastest growing areas of the city.

to date in the plans of developers — new housing in the area total area of 2 million square meters, and it is about 30,000 apartments, including neighborhood "The park"

According to the general director of "IDGC of Urals" Valery Rodin, the total capacity installed at the substation transformers —

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In Buryatia, opened a factory for the production of chopsticks

In the region of Buryatia Bichursky opened the Russian-Japanese production (LLC "Bichura ES-S International") chopsticks — the press service of the government of the republic.Today it created 30 jobs. Japanese investor to bear all the costs of the purchase and delivery of equipment.

As explained by the deputy director of "Bichura ES-S International" for the production of Bair Ulzytuev, first about 10 hours digested aspen, after which the wood is soft. Then dissolved in the trunk of veneer, which is already applied to the guillotine, where the actual Narubai sticks.The first batch of food sticks already left the assembly line.

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New Rural House of Culture opened in Tatarstan

In the village. Podlesniy Leninogorsky district opened the new House of Culture.

The decision on the construction of cultural facilities in remote rural areas was made about a year ago. Since then launched a national program to build a network of new clubs and houses of culture. In a number of municipalities to be built up to 3-4 such facilities.

For residents of Podlesnym opening of a new recreation center — a long-awaited event. Old dilapidated club was closed 10 years ago.

"Young people do not know to do with himself — says about sore taslim Salimzhanova resident

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