New Rural House of Culture opened in Tatarstan

In the village. Podlesniy Leninogorsky district opened the new House of Culture.

The decision on the construction of cultural facilities in remote rural areas was made about a year ago. Since then launched a national program to build a network of new clubs and houses of culture. In a number of municipalities to be built up to 3-4 such facilities.

For residents of Podlesnym opening of a new recreation center — a long-awaited event. Old dilapidated club was closed 10 years ago.

"Young people do not know to do with himself — says about sore taslim Salimzhanova resident

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All sunk to soy

In just half a century from an obscure plant soybeans grown into one of the main agricultures and became a major in animal feed. Now the soy business flourished and in Russia for several years, market turnover has tripled

Soy — the latest discovery of world agriculture. Although this culture is known for thousands of years, its rapid spread around the world began only in 1970, when she stepped outside the United States and China in the neighboring countries and regions.

"For soybeans plowed vast expanses of savannas of South America, the scale of this process is comparable

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Blue dictatorship Belarusian partisan

The teeth are on edge all the main criticism of the Belarusian opposition in restricting the rights and freedoms of citizens, freedom of speech and expression does not interfere with his own methods of use and methods of dealing with the "undesirables" on their own resources and Internet sites. For example, it is no secret that the "Charter 97" has long been practicing on your site information "Inquisition" (not only that there is a moderated online comments, so more and complete "censorship" on the unwanted thoughts and words). Such methods against those who disagree with them as "the only

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The average salary in the Lipetsk region grew by 7%

The average wage in the region grew by nearly 7 percent. This is the data for 8 months of 2012. The standard of living in the region in the figures considered today by the regional administration. There’s a meeting of the Regional Tripartite Commission for the regulation of social and labor relations. In its structure — the authorities, the public and the trade unions. We talked about the situation on the labor market, agriculture and health.With employment in the field there are no problems — the unemployment rate is less than one percent. Promoting employment — one of the

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How much is now the order?

Andrew KHAUSTOV:April 2 project started weekly Arguments and Facts — "Order of the Russian Empire."A few days before that, I was invited to the press center of Agency Business News at a press conference dedicated to this event. There I learned that over 5.4 million USD has managed one of the buyers auction SothebyS diamond badge of the Order of St. Andrew, is predicated on the theme "For Faith and Loyalty". Now the other (though without the diamonds and not actual size) the most famous of the Order of the Russian Empire, everyone can buy in stores, "The Front Page"

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Successfully completed the installation of gravity base for the new platform, Berkut

Installation of gravity base for the new platform, "Berkut" project "Sakhalin-1" completed successfully, the press service of the company "ENL". Platform "Berkut" is designed to develop A-D, the third field of the project "Sakhalin-1". Its development will add to the total annual output of the project to 4.5 million tons of oil.

The platform under the name "Golden Eagle" is designed specifically for use in harsh sub-arctic conditions, and be able to withstand waves up to 18 meters, the pressure of the ice fields of thickness up to two meters and temperatures of up to -44 C °. It

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In Buryatia start teaching Russian-Mongolian Selenga-2012

Troops of the Armed Forces of Mongolia arrived on Thursday at the landfill Burdun in Buryatia to participate in international military exercises "Selenga-2012", which kicks off Sept. 21, said Assistant Commander of the Eastern Military District Colonel Alexander Gordeev.

— Mongolian troops crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, having made a march of several kilometers on a full engineering, — said A. Gordeev.Exercise "Selenge" are held regularly for the past five years, beginning in 2008. With the exception of last year when the maneuvers were carried out on the territory of Mongolia, the Russian troops were four times

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New mini excavator EO-112M

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant in the exhibition "Surgut. Oil and Gas -2012", which was held for the seventeenth time, introduced the compact excavator EO-112M.

The technology, first of all, was addressed to employees of housing and communal services. In crowded urban conditions, it is simply irreplaceable. The design feature of Mini excavators EO-112M is the ability to shift the plane cutting up to 950 mm, which allows you to dig close to the foundations of buildings and out of reach for excavator working equipment conventional .. Standing on the spot, "kid" is able to dig a wide

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LIKOLOR — the largest brick factory in Siberia

Brickyard "LIKOLOR" opened in Novosibirsk in July 2009. Today, "Likolor" — one of the most modern factories in Russia. It is equipped with the latest technology, and the production is fully automated.

The plant was built during the downturn in demand in the construction industry, but he also has to be a factor in the growth of this market. It is assumed that the new plant will work on the economy of the city and help to improve the situation in the construction market. The plant’s capacity is 63 million bricks per year.

One brick at a cost of 8

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Gazprom — South Russian field (PHOTOS)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

To learn how to produce gas in the harsh conditions of the tundra, I went to a press tour of the South-Russian field, organized for Russian and foreign journalists, the two companies belonging to the group "Gazprom" — OJSC "Severneftegazprom" and Nord Stream AG. The program of the visit was planned visit to the production facilities, as well as a visit to the camp herders. In this feature, I’ll talk about the deposit itself, but about the reindeer will be a separate post.

If you can not wait to see everything

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