December 16: allowed two picket of 800

Promotions scheduled on December 16 in Minsk and other cities of Belarus.Total received about 800 applications for holding pickets, rallies and marches against the abolition of privileges. In including Minsk was oriented about 140 applications. But, according to the 1st of the favorites of the Belarusian Party of Communists Valeria Ukhnalev, authorities have allowed only two picket — in Mogilev and Orsha. Other authorities forbade under various pretexts."But people will go out tomorrow pickets. Naturally, it will not be everywhere. When we fed about 140 in Minsk, then, I think about 80-100 pickets held in Minsk. Pickets also in other

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RBC launches a personal project of Nikolai Velichko Made in Russia

If you have unique, interesting production, and you want to make about your product and how it is produced, I learned the whole Russia, we will help you with this.

RBC launches a personal project of Nikolai Velichko "Made in Russia". The program is about the manufacturers, whose products can be proud of the country.

In the best tradition of television, tells us about the unique Russian industries to be proud of and which is useful and interesting to know the Russians.

Because in the minds of citizens and peoples of other countries,

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TGK-14 launched in Chita, a new heating main house at 22

October 5, Chita Deputy Prime Minister Yevgeny Vishnjakov Trans-Baikal region, the mayor of Chita Anatoly Mikhalev and General Director of JSC "TGC-14" Sergey Vasilchuk have commissioned a new trunk pipeline in the area of 17 schools, which later will connect to the central heating about 22 new high-rise buildings.

The project was implemented by a total of three years (2010-2012). It was replaced about 6 km of the pipeline.

— In preparation for the project, from 2008, together with the governor and the regional government has developed a number of changes to allow direct funds to the areas most

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Airbase in Turkey kept 70 American nuclear bombs

In Turkey, there are about 70 nuclear bombs B-61 / shaped as letters Latin / posted on the Turkish-American Incirlik airbase in southern province of Adana. As reported by the agency «Haberturk» despite the actual presence of these weapons, the ability to use them is limited.   Bombs, at least, most of them are owned by the U.S. Army, and Washington reserves the right to use them as intended when needed. Prior to 1995, as reported by the source, 10-20 B-61 were still on the 2-Air Force bases, Akinci and Balikesir, but to the true time they moved to

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Tver scientists have developed a new anti-icing agent — melt away

On the roads of Tver significantly increased the number of road accidents. The reason most small accidents — road slippery. To meet the challenges of winter roads scientists Tver State Technical University offer a unique eco-friendly agent. Using similar invention anywhere in the world.

New antigololed scientists named "Melt away". It is composed of natural peat and organic additives. Scientists have them blended, passed through a special machine — granulator. Installing the operating-type grinder for an hour and can produce a ton of finished pellets. Getting on the ice surface, "melt away" makes it rough

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Tatneft has bought equipment CTZ

After several years of silence CTZ resumed cooperation with the company "Tatneft". At the tender largest consumer, choosing between the Cheboksary and Chelyabinsk Tractor, chose the Ural technique.

As reported, the CTZ won the tender and signed a contract for the supply of oil companies in Tatarstan Party bulldozers B12.

In November and December, 12 of these cars were shipped to the customer in the city Almetevsk. This technique took a warranty dealer CTZ in the region — the trading house "Vigma." It also supplies the oil industry spare parts. Machine joined the management of technological equipment and transport companies

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So what makes Moscow?

The head of the presidential administration, Sergei Ivanov did not realize that produces Moscow. And so he said, "What is the residents of Moscow? It janitors, drivers, office plankton, journalists … Officials agree. Service sector and trade. In extreme cases bloggers. There is a specialty. That the 15-20 millionth mass produce? Absolutely nothing. Intellectual property? Question doubtful. Take Novosibirsk, where produce high-tech products, aircraft assemblies for nuclear reactors that are sought after around the world. There produce products with which to pay taxes. What is produced in Moscow, I do not understand. " Rhetorical question Ivanov deserves two answers.

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T-90 purchased by Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan

Main battle tanks T-90 is still in demand in the international arms markets. According to the blog bmpd, according to available information, in 2011, of "Rosoboronexport", contracts for the supply of lots of tanks T-90S production of JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. In 2009, it became known to acquire Turkmenistan, according to various estimates, from 4 to 10 tankovT-90C. The transaction was implemented as soon as possible, and, soon after the development of the crews, the tanks were used extensively during the exercise of various sizes. Apparently, Turkmenistan was pleased with the quality of the acquired tanks, so

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U.S. uncertainly reported use of chemical weapons in Syria

After reading the report, U.S. intelligence U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Heygel said that with "some degree of confidence," we can talk about how to use a small amount of chemical weapons in the civil war in Syria.

During a press conference in Abu Dhabi Chuck Heygel also reported that, according to intelligence reports, the Syrian authorities used sarin gas. However, he has not informed about the number of the agent used, nor on when and where it is applied, nor of possible victims.

U.S. Secretary of Defense said that the use of chemical weapons "breaks

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Few days left before the start of the regular 57th Russian Antarctic Expedition


The coming summer Antarctic season (at the south pole, we recall, is now the height of spring) prepares us to a sensational discovery: the researchers will doburit borehole 5G and "plunge" and finally, in the water of one of the most mysterious places on earth — Lake Vostok.

It's fresh and warm water about the size of Lake Baikal, chetyrehkilometrovoy clad layer of ice. The lake is about 250 km long and about 50 km, the depth of up to 750 meters. The water temperature is warmer than in the lake — about 18 degrees.

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