In Dolgoprudnom opened BioBiznesInkubator

May 15-16, 2012 MIPT Recently in the II International Conference "Models of innovative development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry at universities as integrators of Science and Industry", which was inaugurated BioBiznesInkubatora who initiated the formation of Biopharmaceutical Cluster "Northern" in the Moscow region.

The opening ceremony was attended by the rector of the Institute Nikolai Kudryavtsev, Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Technology Industry and Trade of Russia Sergey Tsib, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Barry Sharpless, executive director of the CBF "North" Oleg baskets, Scripps professor Valery Fokin

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AvtoVAZ waiting for Wind

At the International Motor Show in Beijing, Nissan (Nissan) showed sedan Sylphy, calling the global model. In the sale of "The Wind" is the translation name of the sedan will arrive in mid-2012, after the start of sales in China, where the car is made. Production Sylphy, presumably called Almera planned and AvtoVAZ.

Presentation of the car took place on April 23 at the auto show in Beijing. "Wind" is not like a usual "Almeria" (Almera). Body has received several extravagant flowing lines on the LED headlights appeared, "eyelashes", has become a chrome grille. Nissan designers have made

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American power in the Russian uranium

Fuel assembly TVS-2M

To date, we have [Company "TENEX" — TM] Has signed 13 contracts with 11 U.S. companies. The portfolio of these contracts exceeded $ 5.5 billion today. Of course, this is not the limit.

General Director of JSC "TENEX" Alexei Grigoriev, "low morale ended"

17.05.2012 11:34 | «Echo of Moscow» Anisimov: Hello. Our guest is the CEO of "TENEX" Alexei Grigoriev. Before we begin our conversation, you need to explain to our listeners what your company "TENEX".

A. Grigoriev: First of all, I must say that the company "TENEX" is part of the State Atomic

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Social guarantees divisible rabotnikam.Opytom plant in Severodvinsk

We continue to watch videos about the Russian industrial enterprises in the competition of the plant of the new Russian industry. Today we will learn about the company, which operates in the North of Russia. It tells about their social and employment policy.

Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk … This is where there is the largest in the Russian shipbuilding complex "Production Association" Sevmash "(JSC" PO "Sevmash"). The company is interesting in that it is the country’s only builder of nuclear submarines. In addition, a large separate area of the company is the creation of offshore platforms for oil and gas. But this

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Bogdan produced hybrid bus in partnership with Ruselpromom

Hybrid city bus "Bogdan A70522" co-production "Bogdan" corporation and concern "Ruselprom" in vtornikbyl presented in Moscow at the exhibition CityBus-expo 2012. The companies said that collaborating with another in March 2011. "Ruselprom" supplies to Ukraine traction electrical kit (includes engine, generator, battery, buffer tank and the fuel cell stack) and the Ukrainian side of the body and produces the final assembly of the bus. Now, "Bogdan" A70522 provides certification in Ukraine and Russia and in August it expects to start mass production.

A70522 — 12-meter hybrid bus designed to transport passengers in urban and suburban routes. It combines diesel

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Designed mobile tester for tanks

Ministry of Defense has developed a mobile diagnostic system for wheeled and tracked vehicles, now detect problems in a tank or armored personnel carrier can be a matter of minutes without the involvement of industry, write "News".

As the developer of the complex (he was given the working title "maintenance workshop MTO-ON-1"), Andrew Shuliko, a workshop was assembled on the factory Shumerlinskii special vehicles based on vehicle Ural-43202.

"The machine is equipped with a digital diagnostic complex, which allows you to" interview "on-board electronics and machinery identify what items need to be replaced, and what components and units —

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In Primorye, released into the sea early this year party-grown salmon fry

Sea water has warmed up to 6 degrees, chum salmon fry scored one gram. The basic requirements are met — the time to go to sea. Last fall, the refinery processed about 4 million fish specimens. The extracted eggs six months ago — has now become a small fish. The river will return the same millions, only small fish. Release portions kids — about a day millions of fry. So the fish gets off to a strong pack.

Another project LPI received Skolkovo resident status

Work on the creation of magnetic resonance imaging with superconducting magnets at the Physics Institute. PN Lebedev (FIAN), has reached a new level. Development of a unique aneroid (without liquid helium) imager group of scientists will conduct as members of the Skolkovo project.

Orthopedic Imaging System, created in LPI

The problem aneroid cooling a superconducting magnet is today one of the major challenges in the field of magnetic imaging. The fact is that in the normal CT scanner requires filling with liquid helium — an expensive material, the use of which also complicates the maintenance of

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Teleskandal: non-Russian tales

At the request of veterans was removed from the film "4 Days in May"Ludmila Zhukova, Olga Zhukova18.05.2012

We still remember how, despite vehement protests from the public, in the late 90s on NTV aired, did the film "The Last Temptation of Christ." Channel management, spit on the "voice of the people", the holy day for all demonstrated disgusting, obscene transmission. But on May 7 of this year, something unprecedented happened. For the first time in more than 20 years of perversion of the Great War, listened to the voice of the living participants in the battles.

After many kinopakostey

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Cyclists pushed motorists on veloparade in Moscow (+ photos)

Veloparad Let’s Bike It! held in Moscow on May 20. According to the organizers, it was attended by more than five thousand people. The route ran along the embankment of the Moscow River along the Kremlin and Red Square to Vasilevsky descent and back. For the free movement of cyclists traffic police blocked the advance of the street, which was held on a bike ride.

As told RIA Novosti Vladimir Kum organizer marathon, run organized within the framework, the development of cycling in the capital. Its main purpose — to pay attention to the city government on the

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