Projects RUSNANO brought 38 billion rubles

JSC "RUSNANO" published the results of last year — revenue from operations of project company was about 38 billion rubles, which is 5.2 times more than in 2010 (7.3 billion), according to "RIA Novosti" with reference to the quarterly report organization.

And the proceeds from the sale of project companies nanotechnology products in the first nine months of 2011 amounted to 3.2 billion rubles. For the whole of 2010 it stood at 1 billion rubles.

"On January 1, 2012" RUSNANO "financed 83 investment projects. Revenue growth on them caused by several factors. First, last year’s "RUSNANO"

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In the village of Kazan (Tyumen region). Refurbished opened the School of the Arts

Kazan region, Tyumen region. Children’s Art School opened its doors in seconds. Kazan.

Art school was abandoned in 1967, about any cultural education of the kids was out of question. "Now this is a new Palace of Arts with modern equipment, some even imported from Italy, — said the head of the Kazan district Tatyana Bogdanova. — We will bring creative people to disclose potential of children. "

Students of the School of Arts prepared a small concert. The updated school scene with fiery Spanish dance team made "Freckles", Russian folk song "Oh Vanya" sang the young starlet Katya

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Belgorod Industrial Park in 2011 earned about one billion rubles

Head of the Department for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Natalia Larionov’s working visit to the industrial park "North", saying that the ministry will provide subsidies to residents of similar industrial parks for the purchase and lease of industrial space.

The volume of production of the industrial park "North" in 2011 amounted to about one billion rubles. According to the head of the Directorate for the development of industrial zones of the Belgorod region Andrei Minayeva, under existing plans of companies — residents of the industrial park on the 2012

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T-90 purchased by Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan

Main battle tanks T-90 is still in demand in the international arms markets. According to the blog bmpd, according to available information, in 2011, of "Rosoboronexport", contracts for the supply of lots of tanks T-90S production of JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. In 2009, it became known to acquire Turkmenistan, according to various estimates, from 4 to 10 tankovT-90C. The transaction was implemented as soon as possible, and, soon after the development of the crews, the tanks were used extensively during the exercise of various sizes. Apparently, Turkmenistan was pleased with the quality of the acquired tanks, so

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Karabashmed equipped with modern equipment

Towing of Finnish equipment from Nizhnekamsk to the Ural Karabash, the plant Karabashmed. From Finland to Nizhnekamsk cargo was delivered on water.

Transported three horizontal 150-ton converter, holding furnace to separate the matte and slag melts and anode furnace that will be involved in the production of blister copper. The total weight of cargo — about 600 tons of unique equipment — optimal solutions to technical problems. Virtually all modern Western and Asian steel mills today are equipped with the equipment.

Karabashmed — critical enterprise Russian Copper Company. Since coming to the plant Holding (2004) in its development and

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Tatneft has bought equipment CTZ

After several years of silence CTZ resumed cooperation with the company "Tatneft". At the tender largest consumer, choosing between the Cheboksary and Chelyabinsk Tractor, chose the Ural technique.

As reported, the CTZ won the tender and signed a contract for the supply of oil companies in Tatarstan Party bulldozers B12.

In November and December, 12 of these cars were shipped to the customer in the city Almetevsk. This technique took a warranty dealer CTZ in the region — the trading house "Vigma." It also supplies the oil industry spare parts. Machine joined the management of technological equipment and transport companies

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The reconstruction of the Perm CHPP-6

In the photo: a trial run of gas

Reconstruction of Perm CHPP-6 was the first contract "turnkey" construction of new power facilities in Russia, concluded after the crisis. The importance of this project is difficult to overestimate. Perm CHPP-6, introduced in 1942, provides heat to the residents of Sverdlovsk, Lenin and Motovilikhinsky areas and industries located here.

This investment is key to the development of the power of the Perm Territory. The project will increase the electrical capacity of the station to 180 MW and heat — up to 860 MW. Annual electricity production will make up

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Sche one ukrainian kompaniia introduced GPS tracker

In 2012 sіchnі rock kompanієyu LOGIKA vipuschena Persha partіya trekerіv for road transport monіtoringu i Trading agentіv.

Novi GPS GSM tracker pіvroku prohodiv nayzhorstokіshі viprobuvannya vsіma parameters for the robot i showed it to vischomu rіvnі, perevershivshi Vsi ochіkuvannya rozrobnikіv. Novi GPS GSM tracker CCB rozrobleny s metoyu otrimannya mozhlivostі maximum rozshiriti frame otrimannya іnformatsії about Leather etap ruhu transport route, i tim polіpshennya yakostі by the robot program for avtomatizatsії protsesіv kompanії LOGIKA, such yak upravlіnnya TRANSPORT logіstikoyu, avtomatizatsіya transport upravlіnnya warehouse avtomatizatsіya protsesіv pіdpriєmstva, GPS monіtoring i monіtoring vehicles. Skladovі GPS GSM tracker kompanії LOGIKA GPS

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Long-distance Wi-Fi in Siberia

MTS and Tobolskoye passenger motor company (Tyumen region) implemented the first project in the Urals provide free Wi-Fi-Fi Internet coaches.

At the initial stage, Wi-Fi will be able to enjoy the passengers of the flight Tyumen — Tobolsk (travel time — about 4.5 hours). In MTS assure that the Internet will be available on all transit bus. Average speed — 2 Mbits per second: it is enough for surfing the Internet, view photos and videos of average quality.

MTS for this project is commercial: routers and traffic pays the carrier.

Transport facilities Wi-Fi — the

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Tver scientists have developed a new anti-icing agent — melt away

On the roads of Tver significantly increased the number of road accidents. The reason most small accidents — road slippery. To meet the challenges of winter roads scientists Tver State Technical University offer a unique eco-friendly agent. Using similar invention anywhere in the world.

New antigololed scientists named "Melt away". It is composed of natural peat and organic additives. Scientists have them blended, passed through a special machine — granulator. Installing the operating-type grinder for an hour and can produce a ton of finished pellets. Getting on the ice surface, "melt away" makes it rough

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