Their customs-28 (2 — 16 September)

September 3. California resident Joey Chestnut, nicknamed Jaws regained the title of the champion on eating chicken wings, absorbing 12 minutes 191 wing.

September 3. At least 26 police officers injured in clashes between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland's capital Belfast

September 4. In the center of Helsinki, the man opened fire at the restaurant and killed a man.

September 4. In Germany: flight attendants went on strike in hopes of raising salaries because of what canceled hundreds of flights and Lufthansa has lost millions of euros.

September 4. Forest fires raging in the Los Angeles area, have

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West today: Great degeneration

For sotsiopatologii important (as opposed to psychopathology) are not taken separately thoughts, decisions and actions of the geeks, and the ratio of mass to them. It is clear that some geeks were at all times and among all peoples. The existence of the drug, the cannibals, possessed nothing has been said about the qualities of the society in which they live. As the saying goes, every family has its black sheep. Much more important is the mass reaction to the behavior of the geeks: a tolerant society to degeneratizmu, ie Whether it manifests sotsioimunny deficit by equalizing the pathology

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Just a couple of words on Britain

It is unlikely that I'm wrong, if I write that the British Empire was the most bloodthirsty public education in the history of mankind. Even Hitler conquistadors her not hold a candle.

The slave trade (including trade and its own citizens), the genocide of millions of people in the colonies (one of India guys starved tens of millions of people), wild industrialization (500 thousand victims), the drug trade at the national level, the first concentration camps, endless war.

It certainly is not that it is any British blood-thirsty savages. Just the guys took the path of capitalist accumulation ahead

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Where is rolling America

I. Another stimulating consumer society

The next step is to encourage the aging of the U.S. economy has made the Federal Reserve System. On the final vote there, it was decided to stimulate the weakened economy. To do this, the Fed is going to spend 40 billion dollars a month to buy back from the market of mortgage-backed securities. Buybacks started on September 14, and by the end of this month will be spent 23 billion dollars.

Repurchase transactions aimed at reducing long-term interest rates to stimulate lending. Previously, the Fed bought in the last two of its programs from

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Degradation of the U.S. infrastructure in figures

You can tell a lot about the country as its infrastructure. And what can we say about the infrastructure of the United States? She's in a very neglected state of decomposition. Once upon a time no one on the planet could not catch up with the level of U.S. infrastructure, and now we have become the laughing stock of the surrounding …

Some of the facts that will blow your mind:

1) American Society of Civil Engineers (The American Society of Civil Engineers) formally assesses the state of the infrastructure assessment «D»:

2) The road is just not enough.

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British sailors fed worse police dogs

Powered sailors of the Royal Navy of Great Britain every day is allocated only 1.8 pound (about 85 rubles), according to TV channel Sky News. With this sum kokam need to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For example, on board a guard-ship "Campbelltown" carrying the service off the coast of Iraq, 240 crew members to offer for breakfast cereal, juice, a small selection of hot dishes, tea or coffee. For lunch, the sailors give French baguette, sometimes with cheese, and only for dinner they get meat with vegetables. For comparison, the power of police dogs allocated about four pounds per

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Small business in the United States is bent

According to the Office of Small Businesses (United States Small Business Administration — SBA), the number of private entrepreneurs in the United States decreases the fifth year in a row. On average, about 570,000 small businesses opened and closed around 600,000 every twelve months.

To say that the situation in the sphere of private enterprise catastrophic, to say nothing. As noted on an online forum a bankrupt business owner from Texas, "only a madman or a fool decides to start a business in the most unpromising period of American history." He also advised the "better to throw money in

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Increase in gasoline prices led to a 20 percent increase in travel Finns in Leningrad region

Rising prices for gasoline increases the potential for Finns to go refuel in Russia.

As the portal, at a checkpoint in Imatra number of people crossing the border Finns increased by about 20%.

Despite the long lines, the Finns consider a trip for gasoline beneficial, as the center of Imatra to the nearest gas station in the Russian Svetogorsk, where gasoline is almost half cheaper than in Finland, only about five miles away. Now every item in Imatra border crossing almost a thousand Finns.

In this case, on the border-crossing point in Lappeenranta (Nuijamaa) similar trend is

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Russian Foreign Ministry warned the world from the invasion of Syria

Statement by the Spokesman of Russia A.K.Lukashevicha of remarks by U.S. Secretary of Defense

In Moscow, drew attention to the statement by the Minister of Defense of the United States Ch.Heygla conducted on behalf of President Barack Obama's activities to ensure readiness of the U.S. armed forces at any time to carry out military action against Syria.

Alarming and sounding of Paris, London and other capitals demands strong reaction to the alleged use of armed forces of Syria's chemical weapons in Eastern Huta August 21 this year while completely ignoring many facts pointing

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Mystery Train number 1702




More than an hour freight train was pulling for an unidentified flying object This story almost 20 years. But it is so unusual, as discussed in Karelia until now, if there was recent. Especially as more and still live the participants, after an amazing event that believed in the existence of UFOs.

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