Sociologists have found the attitude of Russians to the rulers of the last century. It turned out that the best ruler of the country at that time the majority of respondents (56%) think the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, according to a study conducted by the "Levada-Center".   Other Soviet leaders — Vladimir Lenin, Nikita Khrushchev — also cause the majority of positive emotions. Even Joseph Stalin positive about 50% of the respondents.

Negative assessment of the Russians were only Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. And the number of negative


Russians are more concerned about the dominance of migrants in Russia

According to polls, 35% of respondents believe the national question — the main problem of the country …

The most serious threat to the country's population of Russians believe Russia representatives of other nationalities, according toRBCdaily with reference to a new study polls.

Seriously concerned about the dominance of workers 35% of the respondents. Other disturbing Russians danger — the decline of culture, science, education (33%), potential environmental disasters (28%), terrorist attacks (28%), depletion of oil and gas (25%), the split within the ruling elite (24%), the extinction population due to low birth rates (23%)

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Russia: Answers to questions information war

The country spends 10 years of oil profits is not known at that! To Delhi people's money from oil?

— There are no excess profits. We do not Qatar and Saudi sheiks. The average selling price of our oil abroad for two thousandth year is about $ 45 per barrel. It's just normal, and not wild price. During 2008y year (most profitable), the country sold the oil abroad at $ 160 billion. Source:…t.asp?file=crude_oil.htm.

We are the most obese in the year of oil sold for about $ 1,150 for every citizen of Russia. FOR THE YEAR!

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South America swept storm

South America storm swept Natural Disasters

The strongest wind speeds greater than 140 k / h and rain swept over the central states of South America. Suburb of the capital Asuncion Paraguay was almost swept from the earth's surface. The broken edges of the wave of looting swept.

As a result, the element has claimed the lives of five people. Four of them were cadets, and were killed when the roof collapsed barracks in which they lived. Another 15 cadets received injuries of varying severity. Among the dead was a teenager, to whom fell the water tank from

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Flooding in north-west Cambodia

Flooding in north-west Cambodia Natural Disasters

As a result of the flooding that occurred in Cambodia on the border with Thailand, the water coming from the affected about three thousand families from the province of Banteay Menchu. 700 families in Cambodia, most of flood victims evacuated in full force on the hill. Fortunately, no mention of deaths due to flooding of the north-western lands.

Local leaders announced just in case the highest code of danger and mobilize existing rescue groups. If the water level continues to rise, a division of the Red Cross volunteers will be ready to

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The raid on the ghosts




A few months ago in Novosibirsk was first formed branch of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk." The head of the branch became a leading engineer of the "Sibirtelecom" Vadim Kudryavtsev *

"Kosmopoisk" — research association, exploring the little-studied and anomalous phenomena. Today, the International Association includes about

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Double eruption on the volcano Gamalama

Double eruption on the volcano Gamalama Natural Disasters

On the Indonesian island of Ternate, there were two separate volcanic eruption Gamalama. They were the result of increasing seismic activity in the mountains and forced observers to raise danger code to three four-level scale. There are witnesses that rose above the crater of the volcano ash column, although familiar to the eruption of noise was not heard.

At the height of the eruption of the crater seemed hot lava. All the neighboring villages were sheltered thick layer of ash, but the official announcement of the evacuation of the island,

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UFO wreckage on Mars?




In the red dust at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius around the Martian equator forever frozen fragments of a giant starship that crashed on Mars between 1965 and 1976 year. Anyway, so says a senior official from Washington …

"Debris on the

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Russia has successfully met its targets for the ITER project in 2012

The Russian side has successfully fulfilled its commitments for 2012 under the project of the international experimental fusion project ITER, the deputy director general of Rosatom Vyacheslav Pershukov.

Russian equipment in the ITER

"The overall result of the year: well done all the program — 5.5 billion rubles, about 185 R &D, and the rest — a real commercial product. We have gained additional positions in the leadership of the ITER center, outlined the procedure for complex contracts. There have been no complaints regarding violations procedures or practices of any related financial activities. Control system works, people are serious about

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North India continues to suffer losses from landslides

North India continues to suffer losses from landslides, Natural Disasters

The death toll from the series of landslides and floods in northern India has reached 45 persons. Over the weekend, rescue services and walkers military brigade recovered from the rubble and mud sediment body is 17-year survivors. Basically, it was the people of the northern state of Uttarakhand, which is located in the Himalayas. In search operations around four mountain villages actively participated by local residents.

Organizers search operations suggest that after landslides are about 18 people could be among the dead, but as long as their bodies

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