As American democracy raises our anti-Soviet

I have only one goal — to enable _umnym_ people learn from my mistakes. That is, be careful and remember that Hollywood movies full of lawlessness sheriffs and mobsters in state bodies of the states most likely based on real events. So do not look at everything through rose-colored glasses, but should clearly understand that many people here, especially with the low level of development, we are counted as second-class people who have no rights and have to get out to her back as soon as possible. So:

Where are we all here? That's right, in the most democratic

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Marines and dead head.

In the film Full Metal Jacket is an interesting episode. Actually, there are all the episodes are interesting, but there is one particular, when the Joker arrives at the location of the first platoon. In the arrangement of the first platoon in a chair seated corpse Vietnamese soldier. The soldiers talking to him and congratulate his birthday and jeer at every one.


The episode, of course, can be interpreted as anything. Death is near, type. Live inseparable from the dead. Today, he is, and tomorrow we are. Existential lightness of being. Other nonsense. But reminds me of quite specific.

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The European Court found documents on Katyn fake. (Have not confirmed)

The Court took a sensational decision — granted under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, "documents", pointing out that in the execution of tens of thousands of Polish officers at Katyn guilty of Stalin and the Soviet side, turned out fake. We are already European Court knew about it, but.

Silent liberal "Echo of Moscow" silent "Facets" silent "Novaya Gazeta". But this top-level global sensation.

Now what to do about it?

see also Frustrated jackals Hitler

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Hiroshima — A bomb is dropped

The film is about the greatest crime in human history. 6 and 9 August 1945, the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As a result of the treacherous attack, according to various estimates, killing 150-200 thousand civilians. At the end of the Second World War, Japan was ready to surrender, and the president of the United States knew about it. Why then was denied a diplomatic solution, and the atomic bombs were dropped? What was the justification for President Truman's use of atomic weapons? The film is based on the published official documents of the government and

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Maria Arbatov: United States — a country of people-stumps

"A bunch of people-stumps, which can be held together only by the financial component and to make war with anyone," — says about the United States well-known Russian writer Maria Arbatov. What do you think about the country that is so actively trying to dictate to Russia, our guests shared with the editor "of PRAVDA.Ru» Inna Novikova.

— Have you recently returned from America. Do you think the U.S. has the same problem in the relations between people of different nationalities, different mentalities carriers like us?

— Actually, I have a suggestion: all sent to America to people returning

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Life in England: the wages and living standards

Decided to write a series of posts about life and England. Many in the minds full of cliches about life in the West and particularly in Britain, which have little to do with reality. Tourism is one, and life in the country is quite another. Something I wrote in podzamochnyh posts, so I will sometimes repeat

I'll start with everyday objects. The cost of living, salaries, etc.

The level of wages in the UK depends on the regions. In London, higher than in the country, but here and the cost of living is higher than in the regions. Therefore,

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Nikolai Starikov: Obama prepares to bargain with Putin

August 29, nearly a week ago in his article "Why aggravate the situation in Syria or everyday world geopolitics", I wrote that the attack on Syria will not be at least until the G20 meeting in St. Petersburg on September 5-6. Weather in fact confirmed, and the day before Obama's departure to the meeting was filled with a lot of strange, seemingly unrelated to each other developments.

In fact, the U.S. is actively preparing for the summit. Russia not far behind.

Let's analyze the facts and we will be more clear.

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Building IT-village near Kazan will begin in spring 2012

In the spring of 2012 in the area of RT Verkhneuslonsky begin construction of a unique project for Russia — Innovative satellite city of Kazan, code-named "IT Village". It is planned that the combined output of the companies located in the IT village, at least 20 billion rubles a year initially and about 50-70 billion rubles per year in the long term. "The IT-village will create a quality product and not just selling your time"


On the construction of IT-village and the participation of Singapore companies in its development said yesterday at a press briefing at

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Construction of two livestock farms began in Voronezh region

On the territory of Osikovskogo rural settlement near the village Kuznetsovka begins construction of a dairy complex, which will be one of the largest in the area and the largest in KANTEMIROVSKAJa area. The project develops the agricultural enterprise LLC "InterAgro." There will contain 3,400 Simmental dairy cows. Workforce of the new complex will be about 60 people. It is planned that the first phase of the complex for 2,200 head dairy herd will be commissioned next year.

The total amount of money invested in the project will be about two billion rubles. Now, the future of

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